Which song to learn on guitar?

Dec 27, 2006
I realised the other day that I can play several songs by many of my favourite bands, but have never learnt an Opeth song, and so I thought I'd really like to give it a go.

I was wondering if anyone could avdise me on which song I should learn? I'm not really worried about them being too hard, as I've been playing guitar for 6 years, and apart from the solos and some of the tricky fingerpicking acoustic bits I wouldn't have too much trouble with playing Opeth songs.

I was looking for advice on which songs people have the most fun playing, which songs transfer well to a single guitar, and can still sound good without the bass and drums? Thanks a lot
Hasn't Orchid got many twin guitar melodies? I guess they'll still sound good with only one guitar.
The most fun songs they have IMO are Leper Affinity and The Funeral Portrait, both of them actually sound good with just one guitar too (unlike most of the older stuff). Godhead's Lament and Demon of the Fall are also pretty fun, as are most of the things on GR (but those all require extensive retuning).
Now I know parts of many Opeth songs but due to many of the songs complex nature.. I dont any all the way through.. apart from "The Leper Affinity".. so I totally recommend you learn that - there is a great power tab for it on Ultimate guitar :p...Many brilliant riffs in that song!

Btw Bleak is not the best experience for learning..you cant really replicate its goodness with one guitar (there is two of harmonies being played at once alot of the time.. it feels empty without them)
+1 for The Leper Affinity, very fun song to play.
Karma is also a killer.
Serenity Painted Death is pretty cool, especially the rythm muted part with the harmonic but the lack of a 2nd guitar can be frustrating.
If you're leaning on the acoustic side, Credence, Hope Leaves, Benighted, the intro to Dirge for November, Patterns in the Ivy I&II, Still Day... are the most fitted IMO.

Have fun. :cool:
In mist she was standing is pretty fun to play.. Nice riffs.. Not really that hard either..
Or try deliverance or wreath.. But they get kind of boring after some time..
Also, nice mellow songs are To rid the disease and In my time of need..
Opeth songs are really not hard on guitar - even I can play most of 'em though I'm a lamer.

My favourites to play are "The Leper Affinity", "Blackwater Park", "Deliverance", "Advent" and "A Fair Judgement".
But it all just sucks if it comes to my all-time favourite to play - the one and mighty "The Moor". Riffs are just hellish.
My favourite to play is "The Moor", which arguably is also Opeth's hardest, imho at least.
Anyway, I've had a great time recording stuff from the first two albums by my self and playing over one of the parts. If you have a friend who can also play guitar and enjoys Opeth, then definately let him learn a song off of Morningrise or Orchid, my favourites are The Twilight Is My Robe and, guess guess, Black Rose Immortal.
I am working on an acoustic version of Serenity Painted Death right now. I am about half way through figuring it out for one guitar off of Guitar Pro and I must say its not too hard and its obviously an awesome song. I'll post the link to the the tab for it when I'm done if anyone is interested.
Hope Leaves is a beautiful song, but most every tab of it is incorrect. You gotta watch lamentations and just watch the close-ups of peter to figure it out. Took me a couple hours. And you gotta be able to stretch a lil bit.

Other than that the only other one I leanred so far was Blackwater-Park, which I think the Guitar-Pro tab is right. Pretty easy song to play and is a lot of fun.