I need some mellow music

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damnit! i was going to say that! :cry:
btw, that's what i listen when i sleep :err:

Ulver * Kveldssanger & the last 3 albums
Radiohead * Kid A
Current 93 * Soft Black Stars
Antony and the Johnsons * Antony and the Johnsons

...and some others i can't remember now :zzz:
Simon and Garfunkel
Apocalyptica (some anyway. their cover of Nothing Else Matters is beautiful)
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Massive Attack - Mezzanine or Protection

I also use Tool - Ænima (turned down kinda low) for mellow music.

I also used to listen to Ænima turned down low. I am usually out by the time 'Die Eier Von Satan' plays or else I'd probably wake up. :D
Brendan Perry, Bo Hansson, Eldkvarn, The 3rd and the Mortal, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Current 93, Fields of the Nephilim ("Elizium"), This Empty Flow, In the Woods..., Ulver, Tenhi, Leonard Cohen and Ozric Tentacles are some more or less mellow artists whom I like to listen to while sleeping. And Opeth of course, who are both more and less mellow.

But perhaps you should give Diamanda Galás ("Schrei X" or "Litanies of Satan", for instance) or Aphrodisiac ("Nonsense chamber") a try. Not very mellow, but interesting as music for sleeping..
My favourites.......-Therion - Theli
- Classical Guitar cd eg John Williams (from australia)
- My dying bride.
- Iced Earth ( i can sleep to them sometimes)
- Quake 2 soundtrack. VERY COOL.
- Jamiroquai
- St. Germain (acid jazz)
- Pnau ( drum & bass)
- George (the cat) Benson (porn groove)

ETC... ETC.....
Colma by Buckethead...the guitar album for relaxation...amazing
Agalloch...blackened metal that is somehow mellow and comforting
Death Cube K-anything by them (a sideproject of Buckethead and Bill Laswell, makes haunting, dark ambient with hypnotic noises that blend into warped rhythms, and wierd jazz-y guitar ambience..
A Perfect Circle is good for mellow to.

The song Orestes is among the most beautiful I've ever heard.
That should be a top ten list.