opeth = smoking music

Christ, why all the anti-marijuana mudslinging? What does it matter if a fan(BlackRoseImmortal) publicly states his case of combining weed-consumption with the heavenly nuances of Opeth? Lighten up fellas, it's like this forum is Poland dealing with another Gorgoroth concert.
Mark said:
Please note, this forum is for Opeth discussion only. Flame wars, personal attacks, and other disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated - anyone wishing to push these limits may well find their account suspended without notice.
ggggggu said:
I agree with Koichi.

You're a stupid assdweller.
The Scourge is correct

Why do you feel the need to troll so hard? You act like some kind of fucking moral-majority gestapo

What difference does it make to you if BRI likes to "enhance" his Opeth experience? NONE! so why don't you lay off-
I don't care if he smokes weed, I do as well, but I don't feel the need to start a thread about it.

It's massive attention whoring in the form "HEY GUYS, I SMOKE WEED, I'M SO KEWL!!!!!!!!1!! LOL"

and I hate people like that.
Well I hate people like YOU koichi. So fuck off. I can't believe how fucking ridiculous most of you are acting in this thread. Grow up. Get a life.

Hell yeah, Opeth's softer side is great smoking music. I don't like listening to their heavier stuff while smoking although BWP was a great soundtrack to a drinkathon the other week! There's something really special about the guitars when you're high but moreso the overall ambience is incredible.
IAmEternal said:
I'm not even going to bother addressing the flaming trolls who plague every thread on this board, turning a potentially fun forum for conversation into a nightmare. Trying to find good posts on here is like reaching through a layer of oil covering a lake to get to the water beneath. Bad analogy? Maybe. But it's annoying as hell.
you couldn't be more right!! i came to this forum to enjoy talkin with other Opeth fanatics, not arrogant imbeceils whos only desire in life is to make other's lives a misery.. i pity you people.. if you disagree that Opeth is good smoking music..feel free to tell us, just dont be an ASSHOLE about it!!
Koichi said:
It's massive attention whoring in the form "HEY GUYS, I SMOKE WEED, I'M SO KEWL!!!!!!!!1!! LOL"

and I hate people like that.
i'm not drawing attention to the fact that i smoke weed, i'm drawing attention that enjoying weed is even better when you can listening to the soothing melodies and forget about all you troubles... and not all weed-smokers are "kewl", like your good self.....
according to some idiot that walked into a store that i frequent a few days ago, we are in heaven, but our mind makes us think we are in hell... the guy was carted off to a mental institution....