opeth = smoking music


Feb 11, 2004
for all of you out there who smoke weed, isn't opeth the perfect music to listen to whilst toking on a large spliff??? i love listening to the more mellow Opeth tracks whilst high because opeth's music gets me high anyway so when listening to it stoned, it gets you even higher!! mmmmm *leaves the computer to smoke a doobie and listen to 'face of melinda'* :) :Smokin:
im going insane...stcuk in a forum with a bunch of fuckin pole smokers!! DIE FAGGOTS! i'll fuckin cut all you open and choke you to death with your own innards!!! DDDDIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! hey why don't we just turn this into an insulting thread?!! ASSHOLES
~black~rose~immortal @' said:
hey why don't we just turn this into an insulting thread?!! ASSHOLES
Mark said:
This forum is provided (and paid for) by Opeth for discussion about the band's music and performances. Please refrain from using it for anything else.
oh no!! what am i going to do now? i fear not the moderators! kick me out if they must but for what? i started a legitimate thread about Opeth and all you fiends came in and insulted me! i am going to let this thread die with what dignity it has left...and go find some Opeth fans who are functioning on a relevant plane of existence...au revoir!
crimsonfloyd said:
Yes Opeth is definatly good smoking music. Morningrise is one of my top ten smoking albums, the meldoies just come alive, especailly on a star filled night while out on a walk...
You, sir, are quite on the ball! As I posted in another thread, I used to do just this. There's one riff in Black Rose Immortal (damned if i know which) that is so creepy it makes me feel like someone's following me whenever listen to it while im walking home high late at night. I call it the stalker riff. Unfortunately, I kinda lost interest in weed for a while, so I haven't done this since the summer, but I mean to. I also mean to be high at the Opeth show on the 24th, but I don't seem to know very many dealers anymore. :(

P.S. If any Torontonians coming to the show will have weed, let me know please.

I'm not even going to bother addressing the flaming trolls who plague every thread on this board, turning a potentially fun forum for conversation into a nightmare. Trying to find good posts on here is like reaching through a layer of oil covering a lake to get to the water beneath. Bad analogy? Maybe. But it's annoying as hell.