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Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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I have been listening to metal music since before Metallica was considered underground metal. I started with Led Zeppelin, and have progressed through the 80's glam rock (some of it was not bad), and have moved through the 90's watching death metal take over.
There have been many bands that have made #1 on my list, such as Metal Church, Jag Panzer, etc., each for different reasons. Led Zeppelin was #1 for the longest period (there wasn't a lot to choose from then). I never had a "favorite" 80's band, but groups like Whitesnake, Blue Murder, BulletBoys, etc. could play pretty damn well.
Recently, Grip, Inc. was my favorite until they broke up. Now, Nevermore was just replaced by Opeth. But, Opeth is different than the others. Listening to them goes beyond listening to music (when they post my response to the Blackwater Park autographed CD contest, you'll know how I feel). I can say that I have rarely heard songs which captivate the mind like Opeth does - my listening experience has deepened greatly. I now realize that most music listening pleasure is shallow - a good guitar lick here, a great drum beat there, but I would imagine most true Opeth fans know exactly what I'm talking about. Who knows, maybe some night we'll all be listening to Opeth, and meet in that other place.
I will now be buying ALL Opeth's CD's, because I want my trips to be longer.
Hi Metalmancpa,
How good is this message board? It took me 6 months to get my hands on the Opeth back catalogue and I am still beside myself within a mix of disbelief and relief. I have been searching for a long time for all that you seek through music and I am introduced to these masters with 'Still Life'!!!! Then MAYH (try chair dancing to that album! ha ha) and it only got better! Opeth, Opeth, Opeth, Opeth. Have fun, Jo:)
Wow. Dude. That means that you're like, an old guy. That's cool.

It's funny, actually, because not being alive for it when it happened I went all the way back to listening to Zeppelin and Sabbath and my listening tastes actually had to "catch up" to the present, (I did pretty much skip the 80's in it's entirety, though). I was a big Metallica fan for the longest time, then I thought Fear Factory was really great because the vocalist could sing in TWO DIFFERENT STYLES! (Gasp!) Heavy growls AND Melodic singing. Wow!

...and then, somebody told me that Swedish guys make good metal music, and everything changed. I was exposed to a mass variety of good, heavy, melodic, and progressive metal bands, and Opeth quickly distinguished themselves to me as not only the top of the proverbial heap, but something different... and greater than anything I had ever heard before.

And... no, I'm done. The End.

That's a great story. Grip Inc.(at least their first 2 albums) were, and still are, a couple of my favorites. Have they officially broken up? I know the singer was having some sort of mental difficulties a year or two ago, which is why they cancelled their US tour. Haven't heard much since.
I dunno if this happens to you guys... but when I'm listening to the Opeth opus I find myself reliving thru quite vivid memories of what seems past lives. Its really striking and emotional to me.
I find it utterly bizarre. No other music has ever done this to me and taken me to such emotional depths in my mind.
Their sound just takes you back to what seems olde europe, enchanted forestry followed by the thickened air of barley, golden rays of sun and the depths and darkness of european woods.

'THE music', it like hypnosis.. It just blows my fucking mind!

I will say this... and I don't know for how many I can speak... but this musical manifestation birthed by Opeth will never dawn for me. never. I think I'll be listening to this material till the day I die... it just feels like home every time I listen to them.
I feel the exact same way Autumn, I just think of places in Washington (usually forests) especially when I listen to Orchid or Morningrise. It is a great thing to just drift away with your favorite music.
Has anyone ever experienced this.....k, when i listen to "to bid you farewell" or "harvest" or actually any opeth song, i get this incredibly clear vision of the song in my head....i actually see the landscape and atmosphere, and feel the emotions dwelled in the songs when i shut my eyes. It all just comes together beautifully as one big picture almost similar to some sort of surreal trance.
Jen: I know exactly what you're talking about. Your right any Opeth song will do that but especially To Bid You Farewell. Actually Morningrise in general will always do it for me. I love to just start that album at the beginning and get lost in the visions, thoughts, memories, and emotions portrayed by it. It's an experience you can't really put into words but I'm sure you all understand. The Drapery Falls is another good one. That song has tons of atmosphere and contains some of Mikael's best lyrics IMO.