Singing along with Opeth

What do you do while listening to Opeth?

  • Sing along in my best Death growl

    Votes: 9 23.1%
  • Sing along in my best/clean voice

    Votes: 17 43.6%
  • Listen in complete silence, and absord Opeth's majesty

    Votes: 13 33.3%

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General Zod

Ruler of Australia
May 1, 2001
New Jersey
As I drove to work today, listening to "Still Life", I found myself doing my best Death growl. However, after about a minute or so, the feeling of my vocal chords beginning to tear apart led me back to simply listening. Which got me wondering, what do other folks do while listening to Opeth.

It does not feel as good to sing clean when Mikael is not, so I go for it! ;) (just listening is better) haha
Well I was driving the other day and growling my best with My arms your hearse. I also sing along the clean singing. If I set the voulume loud enough it´s like I sing like Mikael Åkerfeldt which is very very great, but when I can hear my own voice it just sucks.
I rearly sing with Opeth but sometimes I feel somekind of urge to scream my head off. I would have marked with all if the options if it was possible.
well my death metal vocals are more of a really vicious whispering sound :confused: but i still do them all the same... usually theres just one or two bits that just HAVE to be sung (eg "take me away..." ) where ill stop everything and sing that one line with all my heart and then resume my previous task

but generally i leave it to the man himself because i do not do it justice at all!
I sing when I know the words, but usually I'm too intent on listening to the music :) great weaving waves of melody :eek: Opeth rock!
ahwell... you should've inserted the option 'all of the above', coz I'm a girleee, so the grunts are almost (I said ALMOST) impossible for me..
but I try..
I sing the clean bits (badly) and the growls. But I only do the growls for about 4 lines at a time before I have to take a break and a Strepsil. :D
Yeah if you would have put on all of the above I would have picked that cause sometimes you have to sing along no matter how hard I try I always find myself either growling or trying to sing my heart out. But I usually use head phones so I never hear myself sing :) but I hope no one walk in on me while I'm singing cause they might think there's a wonded dog in the room. Well I've said my 2 cent hope you enjoyed it if not who cares :)
I was just singing along to Opeth (the voices thread got me in the mood to growl) and all the sudden my mother shouted from upstairs for me to shut up. Her yell was so savage and brutal it scared the shit out of me. I think she should be singing in a death metal band. :lol:
I can actually match the clean vocals quite well. I have a low voice for a female. I have to sing along to Harvest and The Drapery Falls, it can't be helped. Those are my favorite songs in the whole world.

My favorite line to sing:

"spiralling to the ground below like Autumn leaves left in the wake to fade away waking up to your sound again and lapse into the ways of misery "

I italicize those parts because I am in love with how he sings those words.