I'm Drunk damnit!

Corpinen said:
Yey, just bought Toni a beer! Well, a couple of hours ago at least... Damn, I just might be too wasted to write this - but hell, I'm supposed to, right (in this thread)?? Anyway, the gig was just fuckin' sweet! The new songs totallyrocked!

Helluva gig! Had fun and thanks for the beer mr! Would've been cool to talk more but you know how it is after the gig. See you around and cheers!
(oh yeah, our drummers birthday today... going to be drunkydrunkdrunk ;) )
Pleasure and pain; Heaven and Hell - my memories
What a long and strange trip this has been for me
What a short and strange life this has been

It has given me much - maybe taken more
but those good times were always worth waiting for
When it's time to take leave of this world
I will leave with bitterness and joy.

I take the rope and express myself.
nevershine said:
Drunk and depressed... Eating bread and drinking coke. Beer doesn't go down anymore. :( Who the fuck invented life and relationships? I think assasination is in place. Who is with me? Come on guys!!!...
NP: Rapture - Misery 24/7

Rapture is great :) especially '05 album
Holy fuck! I'm so fucking drunk! Two days in a row and tomorrow... third. Going to see HellaFUCKINGcopters. Ye-Heah! Sleep is good... and also a hangover-pizza. Can't wait til tomorrow.. except for the drinking. I've had enough for now. Blast it!