I'm gonna get flamed for this, but....

I absolutley love their clean stuff. But their DM stuff is quite boring compared to other DM bands out there. I'm eagerly awaiting Damnation though. And yes, they are VERY overrated.
"Those people can suck my arse."

From the above thread I mentioned. So this isn't egotistical or immature?
Hm. Personally, I spend a lot of time on the Opeth forum. Yes, there can be a lot of idiocy and immaturity. But this is also true of most other forums. Generally, the Opeth fans I have come across are highly intelligent, friendly people. Saying that Opeth fans are immature, is a huge, unjustified generalisation. I agree that those quotes Dreamlord posted don't show much intelligence though...
bloodfiredeath said:
Thanks Vienyard for starting this thread. It's been a source of great comedy so far!

LOL! Yeah, I somewhat expected it to get a little nutty, but I still stand behind my thoughts. And yes, I'm not an idiot-I know this is a totally subjective thread, so certain people can save their "high-and-mightiness" for other topics. I just wanted to see if there was something I was missing with their music.
I don't think people consider them 'Gods', in fact the band is known to be humble and nice guys. Personally I'm happy that new people is discovering their music and adoring it. They deserve much more. I don't understand when someone say "Opeth are overrated", fucking Madonna is, or Eminem or any other great artist out there. Opeth play music, I don't think any of the fans listen to Opeth because "it's the ultimate prog-death metal underground band", just for their music (which I consider it to be unique although I understand that it may not appeal to every one.)
As for the inmaturity and idiocy on the Opeth board, that's a big generalization. I've seen really idiotic fan-boy kind threads but it's not the norm, and overall there are good vibrations between the people there.
I think Opeth are a great band and I like all of their albums but I wouldn't treat them differently than any other band I like listening to. When I went to see them in concert a couple years ago, I was sitting at the bar bullshitting with Mikael and these dudes came towards Peter and dropped down on the floor and starting bowing down and shit. That to me is retarded. Hey, if they wanna lay down on that fucking nasty floor go ahead, but Peter isn't going to treat you differently for acting like that. I've seen people do that with a lot of bands, though. The bands are all people too and I always get a kick out of people acting like that. I get better response talking to them like a person.

As for the over-rated part, I don't think they are, but their following is getting bigger and bigger. Any band that reaches this level of popularity will face scrutiny like this. But, to each their own.
Guardian of Darkness said:
I think it's the way they can play several different genres at such a high standard, and can mix them so effectively within the same song.

Also, I love their lyrics, especially the ones on My Arms Your Hearse.
I think Mikael has an brilliant growl, and very good clean vocals. There's plenty of great, heavy riffs, on songs such as Demon of the Fall or The Leper Affinity.
Plenty of beautiful mellow bits, such as the middle section of A Fair Judgement, or To Bid You Farewell, or Credence.
Also, every album is very different. This variation stops people from getting bored of the band, and the variation within songs gives them even more replay value.
I like the band members, from what I've seen/heard/read. Intelligent, friendly people. That has to be worth something.

Those are just a few reasons.

I completely agree, Guardian of Darkness... and this thread is fucking ridiculous... a band is only overrated if they have a lot of fans and the person/people saying they're overrated are not huge fans, and/or dislike the band or are the type of people that have to be overly critical and subjective about everything, in this case music... this is fucking ridiculous! And personally, Opeth is my favorite band.
i think the very fact that opeth is on peoples lips is interesting. regardless of whether you like them or not.

to me personally opeth are my favourate band at the moment. :headbang:

even though opeth is my favourate band i dont over-rate them. Like every band they have their weaknesses and their strenghts.

I also realise that tastes change and perhaps in a few months i might have another new fav band.

but with the release of damnation and opeth touring Sydney, Australia in april just around the corner. i have a feeling that wont be happening any time soon :p!:headbang::devil:
Dreamlord said:
Every band has their devout fans. Opeth's devout fans just happen to be very immature and egotistical, so they constantly praise the band with blind devotion.
This is the case with any band's devoted fans, this is not more the case with Opeth's fans, it's the same with In Flames or well... whatever band.
Surely if lots of people love Opeth's music and rate them highly, then it is justified. It's not like people rate a band as godly when they don't enjoy their music. Therefore it's not possible for a band to be overated.

I can't believe I've posted so many times in this unnecessary thread....really....
Vienyard said:
...I think Opeth's pretty overrated.

Dont get me wrong, theyre a damn good band, but jesus christ, they are not the second coming of (insert and insanely influential band of your choice here _____)!!

Their mix of melody and brutality is very well done, however, its really not all that groundbreaking I think. Plenty of others have done it before them. It definetly is very interesting prog-esque death metal, but...its just not as brilliant to me as it is to seemingly everyone else.

I've seen them live, own 3 of their albums, seen and heard a few bootlegs...and I still dont get it. My favorite album by them is by far Orchid. The subsequent releases I like progressively less than their first one. I think the first one is far superior, and the rest are just more of the same formula. With that said however, I am anticipating the Damnation record. That should be an interesting listen.

Anyway, why are they perceived as so top notch/godly/etc? What am I missing?

Welcome to my world, friend. I am constantly flamed for feeling the same way you do and it shouldn't be that way.
Soul_Schizm said:
It's just his opinion. I think they're great, too. But if someone thinks they're overrated, I say: meh.

For chrissake, THANK YOU!! FINALLY someone just saw that I have an opinion on the subject. Its not like I struck the fucking gavel down and said "Opeth sucks! You may not listen to them!". People are letting a silly little opinion bruise their egos or something. Christ.
On a side note, I've noticed (outside of this thread mostly) that the majority of people who say Opeth is overrated are the same people who praise bands like Hatebreed, or Children of Bodom (sure they're cool, but ridiculously silly), as being the greatest. Just an observation.
PS-One more observation, a true Opeth fan listens to them for the music, and doesn't care if someone else dislikes them. It's all just people's opinions, so it doesn't really affect your love of the music at all.
IntoObscurity said:
PS-One more observation, a true Opeth fan listens to them for the music, and doesn't care if someone else dislikes them. It's all just people's opinions, so it doesn't really affect your love of the music at all.


i actaully kind of agree, if you own one opeth album you own them all, i llost interest after my arms your hearse, and even tho I own all teh newer ones i never listen to then-ive spun deliverance maybe 5 times since i got it, but it will win album of the year all over the place.