I'm thinking about purchasing drums...need some help


May 1, 2001
Uppsala, Sweden
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Are there any good sets of drums out there that sound good
for metal, but aren't too damn expensive. I'm looking for a decent
starter-set (5-set........or perhaps 6). And double-pedal, of course.
I saw some Tama-thing named Swingstar or something like that..
for about 800$ (that's without crash/ride)...suggestions ?
When I was in a band, my drummer traded his 5-piece Swingstar set for a 7 piece.. they were pretty nice. I like those new Peavy drums, they're pretty nifty. Read up on 'em.. but they're quite expensive.

One little axiom says.. "Everybody's first kit is a Westbury!".. or Ludwig, I suppose!
Wish I could help you man. My "expertise" is in the guitar realms. With any instrument though, go with the one that just feels right. You can do all of the review reading and advice seeking in the world but to be really happy, play them on your own and pick the one that feels good, even if it defies people's opinions.
OOOh I've got a 7 piece kit - premier. Not wonderful. Pearl are damn good (just expensive).Same goes 4 Ziljian cymbals. Headliner cymbals are quite cheap and good I think. I'm not that up to date tho, I don't have enough money to keep buying guitars and drums and amps etc. :(
What Dune said is basically all you need to know. If you go into a music shop, don't buy what ppl SAY is the best brand or what your favourite drummer users. Buy what feels right for you. Try out a few different kits in your price range and see which you are more comfortable with and which you like the sound of better. Same goes for cymbals. Having said that though, you can't really go wrong with the major drum and cymbal makers. Tama, Pearl, Mapex, DW, Ludwig, Sonor. Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, UFiP. They all make quality equipment, just varying on how much you're willing to pay.

Happy hunting.
i have enjoyed the Yamaha sets ive played that arent to expensive, there are a lot of nice drum sets but i can tell you this if you are going to buy a double bass pedal i highly recommend the DW 5000 or 7000 (drum workshop) .hope youre happy with what you choose, drums are hella fun.
Hey Lakestream,
check out http://www.thomann.de/ if German isn't much of a problem for you (there's also an English version, but the full catalogue is in German). I just ordered a Sonor basic set from them last week, plus some cymbals and heads, since the prices there (yeah, even postage included) for a full set are about 1500 FIM (250 €) cheaper there. I didn't bother trying 'em out anywhere here in Finland.. just pay and play. :)

As you might know, Yamaha, Tama, dW and Pearl are the biggest and most popular manufacturers. And some other which I can't remember.

If you have the dough, though, spend some 2500 euros, and don't think about the manufacturer. Drums at those levels are all equally good anyway. :D
Oh yeah, I have a Pearl Eliminator PowerShifter double pedal, which I'm really satisfied with. Costs about 4800 Svenska kronor over here.