In Flames-Tokyo Showdown

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Jul 15, 2001
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I know alot of people that don't really like the production, but imo it has more of a raw sound to it. Kinda like being at the actual show.

Unlike most live discs where the tracks are cleaned up and mixed better, this one it just has a different feel to it.However, i don't think Anders intended to be this way.

I just like the way this one came out.Your thoughts??
Originally posted by Beast In Flames
Damned! I haven't got my hands on this cd yet :mad:

The store from which I buy my music stuffs has it on vinyl but no cds. It's fucking ridicolous :rolleyes:

Dude, check out they have it for $10.That includes free shipping.

However, i must warn you...once you buy one disc from this site your hooked.The discs usually arrive 3 days or so.I've already spend over $200 so far.
I picked up this CD the other day and I think it's GREAT....You're right about the production though, I thought it could've been a lot better, but still it's good to finally hear them live since I missed the last time they came near here...Grrrrr

I like how they recorded the whole set as it was and mixed up their old and newer songs.....
well the production doesn't bother me but there is somethign about it that i dont like. part of it is the crowd noise. there is a coldness to the album that i dont like. i've seen in flames live and i know they are a powerful band live but its not caputured on this cd. i have a bootleg that is a better represntation than this cd. i think its pretty subpar.
Originally posted by Rodrigo
I just think that this album doesn't represent what an In Flames live show really is. It is extremely disappointing.

exactly....its cold and mechanical. i don't think that is what they were going for, but that is what they put out. everything seems slowed down and stuff. i wonder if they slowed down the drummers click track at this show or something. no energy