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Personally I find the name intriguing. Iron maiden is supposed to be a torture device, some sort of a wardrobe type thing with spikes inside. Whenever you go to a castle excursion they show it to you in the "whoa" torture chamber which is included in the excursion for no apparent reason but I've heard several times that it's actually a myth and it wasn't used in the middle ages at all and was invented much later for some scary house fair thing.
Iron Maiden are a team of hacks some whom live in places such as Hawaii and play Golf and own Airline companies. They crave to be associated with genuine and talented blues based real musicians such as Deep Purple by even the slenderest of threads and so hire ex Gillan guitarists. They were Egged at the ozzfest. In a nutshell. Im enjoying my Breakfast at the moment and am typing one fingered.
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