Is the reason you like Opeth Mikael's growls and not his clean vocals?

Watching Mikael launch from gentle lilting folk-esque singing into booming death growls is nothing short of brilliant, imho. I don't find his 'singing' particularly interesting on it's own, but the combination is brilliant.
Quit picking on bluewizard, he has his opinions and tastes, and we have ours. It really makes you look like an idiot if hes acting all calm and expressing his likes and dislikes and you all just flame him for it. I dont think every opeth fan should be a clone of another.
Fuck, 'I like opeth except for the clean vocals and acoustic interludes'???

I like Opeth BECAUSE of those dynamics and the variation. If they didn't have those elements, they wouldn't stand out to me nearly as much.

Being a metalhead isn't something to be proud of...
bluewizard said:
Is the reason you like Opeth Mikael's growls and not his clean vocals? I like Mikael's growls in Opeth and the progressive music behind but not the acoustic interludes or the clean vocals but that's probably because I'm more a fan of black and death metal and not power metal and other metal genres with clean vocals. i bought The Ghost Reveries and like the growls but it's not that I can't stand Mikael's clean vocals, it's just that I don't care for them and wish he'd growl all the time. So I'm most likely never going to buy the Damnation album but i still like Opeth and Mikael's growls.
fact: mikael akerfeldt has one of the most dynamic, full-ranged clean voices in the metal world today. in addition, he's in a situation where he can actually utilize it unlike many bands today.

fact: opeth without his clean voice would not be the same.

how someone "could not stand" and want to do away with his clean voice in its majestic splendor is evident of bad...hell...fucking piss-pour musical tastes.

contrawise: would his clean vocals sound well in bloodbath? hell no. but incase you havent noticed, opeth isn't bloodbath. mikael's singing is as much opeth as is opeth, and they will never leave, only improve.