it's seems like nothing goes the way it should.


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Jun 26, 2007
Kiel, Germany
I sould my house. after two years I sold my house. better to say I allmost gave it away. we started two years ago with 115k € for it through a broker. we sold it for 77k €. It's a shame. Long story. No other way of getting rid of it. I know, it's stupid but we had no other chance to sell it.

Anyway... the buyer will have to invest at least another 30k € for renovation, a new heater and a new roof (it's not raining into the house but you still lose a lot of the heat through the roof).

Now you say: come on! you sold it! awesome!

no, it's not.

we had to sign the contract yesterday with a civil law notary, the broker and the family which will be the new owners. problem: we still have entrys in our land register with hypothecary credit. my parents allready gave it back to the banks so thats not the problem. but we have to prove they did. and we can't because the documents got lost after the house was completely cleaned by some company 3 years ago. we had no idea how important that stuff will be. I mean... these were documents from 1972 we never heard of.

what does that mean? at least 1.500 euro for lawyer and curt costs and we have to wait for like 6 - 8 month until we will receive any money because of some stupid laws (the court has to hang out our land registry so everyone can check if we still own them any money... we don't, that's for sure).

we searched for it like 2 days in the entire house. nothing. it seems like everything is here... except those documents.

now I have to clear out the house, find a new flat and move there until the 1st july. what's another problem is that I have to write my complementary work between the 11th and 13th of may. you have no idea how much stuff is in this garbage can. We still don't have a flat.

On the other hand I'm still a whiny little emo about my ex-fiance and can't get over it (at all). the new vocational college I will have to go to in Kiel sucks, too. And I start to like beer a LOT. :kickass:

cheer me up :)
man, that sucks! I'm sorry you had to sell your home. Debt is a fucking whore. Cock sucking bankers truely have the world by the balls. I don't know how to cheer ya up so, Smoke a bowl and relax! use it as fuel and write some killer tunes!
Smoke a bowl and relax! use it as fuel and write some killer tunes!

guess what:

Try to just stay strong and realize "it could be worse..." I know it sounds cliche and stupid, but oftentimes it simply takes me telling myself that to mellow out for the day. You still have your health (I'm assuming!), so just hang in there! That and hit up that dank bud you have there. :)

Really sorry to hear that Olli, you've had a rough past few months it seems - I hope everything works out for ya dude! And hey, at least you have a drummer! :erk: :D

Why do you have to go to a vocational college, though?
I also have hit a stroke of bad luck if it's any consolation. A little over a week ago I was pulled over for speeding. Then just the other day, I got into a minor car accident (which wasn't my fault). All happening within the course of 2 weeks. :ill: