Katatonia lyrics that hit too close to home?


Jul 15, 2005
Any of you got any lyrics that really relate so much to a period in your life, it makes the song hard to listen to?

For me, there's Gone

"Just when I thought
this was something permanent,
you were already thinking
of going away"
Gone does it for me as well. I've listened to it in breakup situations before and it virtually crushed me.

Most other Katatonia songs I can relate to hits me in a more positive sense, much like Distrust, where I at least can find some sort of "understanding".
Dunno about hard to listen to, but Quiet World is kinda suiting for me to listen to at the moment, working 8 hours/week, and the rest of the time I just sit around here playing gamecube and having an occasional "fika" hahaha.

And I recognize myself a bit too good when listening to "Clean Today" as well.
my prospects have become less promising
i find it hard to believe in anything
seems i lost my world and so I lost my faith
and I can't go back to where I've been
a brand new day
it can't get worse...

so help me disappear or to believe in a change
no way out of here that i can see...

isolated myself for the sake a freedom
i clenched my fist for the sake of kindness
i read a book full of strange words
loneliness is a disease...

i live 'cause i need more light
i hope i can can change today...

All of "tonight's music", "right into the bliss", "quiet world", and I guess I could go on, but I'll stop there...
QUIET WORLD definitely breake me up..but TONIGHTS MUSIC has always been my katatonia favourite song so...

how could this go so very wrong
that I must depend on darkness
would anyone follow me further down
how could this go so very far
that I need someone to say
what is wrong
not with the world but me
For me its definitely Brave

"The Sound of Falling - When the Pictures aren't moving"

ok the last years in school it was Nowhere

"Atmosphere decays in me
I fail to convict my useless days"

The whole song displays the misery of dwelling in school....

greetings from a noob
it would be a few of the songs on LFDGD- a friend and myself were trying to get/stay off drugs for the first time in years and years, and that album had just come out, and the whole thing was eerily close to my feelings at the time- especially "Clean today" I still get a shiver now and then, as it brings those feelings back when I hear the songs....
who could call my name without regretting
who could promise to never destroy me
tonight my head is full of wishes
and everything I drink is full of her

I just thought about it a bit more and realised that this is how I feel if I'm drunk and bored. I start to think about how I let my girlfriend down and went drinking with my pals (she not likey). The guilt really hits at that point but a couple of beers more and I forget it :p
"let´s stay here for a while
is something gonna happen today?"
Both "At last" and "Saw you Drown", fantastic lyrics written by Anders!

"i should be in your sight but you didn't really notice
that i've left and gone away"

I am nothing( all the lyrics)

sometimes a start for others
I don't know the word beginning"

"I'd like to try to live my life again
I'd like to see where I was going wrong"

oh well I could go on quoting so many lyrics, basically all the lyrics up till Last Fair Deal Gone Down.
I´m not so touched by the lyrics of Viva, but all the other lyrics describe my mood perfectly!
and it is strange because I have never been into a "break-up" situation, so I relate more from a kind of "existential depression", kind of how it is difficult to comunicate with other people, what is wrong with me and so on...
and then now this title" the great cold distance" seems to describe perfectly the distance between people in this modern society...I perfectly relate to this.
So many unhappy times:

"I'd like to try to live my life again
I'd like to see where I was going wrong"
There are so many ones..

"Somehow I never leave this deadhouse.." <-Could really describe my whole life.

"When I Was thinking, this was something permanent, you were already thinking of going away.." <-Yup..made some experiences like this..

"You would never sleep at Night, if you knew, what I've been through.."<-Do I have to explain?

"What is wrong? Not with the world, but me"<-..

"Help me disappear or to believe in a change.."

"When you have no one, no one can hurt you.."