Katatonia lyrics that hit too close to home?

Brave reminds me vividly of being on drugs and coming down, the whole song basically. Especially, the line "When the pictures are moving", like when I was hallucinating and stuff. And the line "I know your smile is deadly at this point" referred to my alter-ego, Evil Vince, which I always had to worry about. A demon on my back I also called "The Hobgoblin of Surprise", who loved playing with broken glass and hurting myself.

"If you didn't know all the moments when I lose myself - I would tell the world" refers to me calling people up screaming at them about how much pain I was in. I was institutionalized once for that. That evil hobgoblin had my very soul!

Please ignore this post

The entirety of Clean Today hits me pretty hard, I smoke too much pot and, although it's no coke or crack or anything, I find myself doing it out of habit, and in order to avoid dwelling on my problems.

Passing Bird reminds me a lot of a girl I used to sort of see, predictably enough. In particular the "too much fucking emo" line.

Viva Emptiness in it's entirety reminds me a lot of the year to two years after it came out. It was a period when I was just starting to uncover all the bullshit that came with being part of a social group and how two faced a lot of people are, which is for me what a lot of the lyrics on that record represent. Additionally, the love songs intertwined so expertly with the rest of the record bring back fond (and not so great) memories of the girl I was once engaged to.

Honestly, too many to list.
"...I have to get on with this,it's a decision for tonight
out to look for chances it is murder of my mind

Once I was someone new I was chosen for a while
then with time I am changing at least that is what they say..."

These lyrics were writting just for me!
I can hardly choose, really.. not because there're no sung inner cries I can't relate to, Renkse has always expressed exactly what I feel, exactly then when a new album comes out and I have a new part of my life to deal with, kinda autobiographic... as for the last one..

Come here, I payed up for you.
I have sold my weakness too.
Come here, I split my heart in two.
but you don`t have it in you, to you.
I have been destroyed
by the perfection that is life
see I'm moving soon
see my feet are already on the road

and if you know where I'm going
don't tell a soul

I live all for this thing
that I heard someone sing
when you have noone

noone can hurt you


This is all to scary in that I have a deep feeling for this song. Every time it comes on I picture myself walking down a dirt path into a sorrowful foliage of woods with nothing but darkness waiting to embrace me. This song hits home with a run.:headbang:
so i put all my strength into my only will
it was the only thing to do
and now i regret that i cried
'cause you would never do that for me
- "had to (leave)"

i keep on living in this my only wish
that life will be good someday
i keep on losing sleep because of this
seems so hard just to stay

so if you come by just this last time
i'll be here
and i will talk to you
as if this had never been
- "black session"

they remind me too much of issues i'm getting over with a guy right now.
That jizz thing on Viva Emptiness hit close to home for me. Reminds me of every night when I'm talking to my buddy online.
What do you say when you speak
I sense no time
Discouraged television sleep
Not awake until it's dark

Somehow i never leave
This deadhouse
Somehow i don't mind being gone
And if you think you've seen me
I have to prove you
That you're wrong

Always reminds me of my summer vacations where I stay at home without work/school/family and do nothing all by myself.
For me on passing bird when Jonas wrote "I live cause I need more light"

Cause I'm out of the whole metal scene here in my town wich is full of people pretending being so "evil" and I'm a fucking surfer happy man who's on the beach three days a week smoking weed and having BBQ and trying to atract ladies, not all wearing black isolated of the world listening to the most underground bands of the world with shitty demo sound...

...Oh and by the way my ex-girlfriend is one of those goth chiks with suicidal tendencies and shitt
When I heard "I live cause I need more light, I hope I can change today, she'll never think of changing".

I took it to mean that the speaker hasn't yet commited suicide because he wants to know what it feels like to be happy, he hopes that that day will be the one where things change emotionally for him, while the girl would never think of dropping her psuedo-depressed facade.

That pretty much sums up the Emo kid scene for me.
Sometimes simple lyrics that don't contain dramatic words like 'die', 'hurt', 'destroy', 'broken' etc. are more effective. Take for instance

I remember one time when we were abroad
I was laughing at a book I had bought
But you were standing against a hotel wall
Frozen in an unknown thought
(from Burn the Remembrance)

It is hard not to relate to the lyrics in Burn the Remembrance. The picture is vivid - one detail of a memory at a hotel. On a vocation with your ex, it all seems to be good times (the laugh) - at least so remembered - but this balanced with her being a little distant ("frozen in an unknown thought"). Then comes: "What will replace us/ What will be our memory of this time". Still I guess if one were to not hear the song but just read the lyrics, it would not be as effective. Jonas's delivery makes one feel the lyrics all the more.

Something very different is going on in Evidence. The lyrics sound a bit strange, and it does not paint a picture that one can relate to in the same way as one can to Burn the Remembrance. There is obviously a story being told, but it isn't easy to make it all out. That has the effect of letting you fill it in yourself, and it's usually a different story every time around. Not a whole lot of songs do that for me. The best part comes at the end of the song:
"I'm the evidence
You passed the test and that's so good for you..."

On the more dramatic side of things, I can turn the volume up on Brave:
"try the meaning of loss i know your smile is deadly at this point whereever you are i am not"
When Mikael roars "not" for like 30 seconds, I shiver. It's just phenomenal.