Katatonia lyrics that hit too close to home?

Haha...Coincidence? The back of two Katatonia shirts I just had made.




I just redid the latter, but on the actual shirt, the letters of Brave? are uneven, in the vein of the Kata logo.
:) I really like the second shirt!
It's kind of irrelevant, but it made me remember that I was supposed to have a black shirt printed "Barry White 1944-2003?" in the front with the big old Barry's picture in white. The shirt was supposed to be worn at a 3 day rock/metal festival in Istanbul that Katatonia came to in 2004. It was just a couple days before Barry White's death the year before, so the timing was appropriate. In the end I went to see Katatonia but the shirt never happened. I hope Katatonia comes to Istanbul this summer for a concert. That might motivate me to get the shirt done. :)
Katatonia's Quiet World hits close to me along with Pink Floyds Time

Four Numbers Staring back at me
Displaying the Mediocrity of my presence
I'm wasting my day watching them change
The sun with its blue sky outside
Shining down on all you happy people
I'm wasting my day waiting for rain
Need more methods to end each day
To be happy by living this way
how could this go so very wrong
that I must depend on darkness
would anyone follow me further down
how could this go so very far
that I need someone to say
what is wrong
not with the world but me
the entire Last fair deal album hits very close to home for me.

"shes got black hair, and she has got a black dress,
Shes pretending that her life is a mess" - Passing Bird

that song will always remind me of my first girlfriend.
hi folks! i'm new at the forum so treat me nice please ^^

"passing bird" just fits perfectly to me and my new girlfriend. i am searching for the light, the hopeful road so to say... and she would never consider to change her way... maybe it's just because she lost her hope...

"tonight's music" is my personal katatonia hymn:

"how could could this go so very wrong
that i must depend on darkness?
would anyone follow me further down?"

damn... makes me feel depressed when i just think of what i have gone through with this verses in my mind... and the next part hits so badly home:

"tonight my head is full of wishes
and everything i drink is full of her"

drinking always gets me down :erk:
""passing bird" just fits perfectly to me and my new girlfriend. i am searching for the light, the hopeful road so to say... and she would never consider to change her way... maybe it's just because she lost her hope..."

I totally think the song is about the psuedo-depression rife in the Emo trend. While the speaker wishes that he could change, that he could be happy (Depression is obviously clinical here) and live life normally, the Black-Haired-Girl keeps up the facade because it gives her the image she wants.
yeah i also thought that when i heard it the first time, but now... there are often more ways to interpret songs ;)

and i think that my girlfriend is not one of these "pseudo-emo-gothic-depression-shit" because of reasons that i will not mention here :p
how could i forget this!? o_O

point for you ^^

oh and another question: could it be, that jonas is singing about the army in "will i arrive"? i'm pretty sure he does because of the "they have cut my hair" line, but maybe one of you guys can asure me this ;)
There are a few, but none that come as close as from "We Must Bury You".

The album came out soon after my best mate had been savagely attacked by 6 coked up idiots soon after 2 of them had attacked him and come off worse the first time they tried.

They all got together and went after him. When they caught him, they attacked him from behind and kicked him literally half to death. Next to no damage to his body, but now his head his held together with metal (skull, eye sockets, jaws, cheekbones, temples all wired and pins holding his palette to his skull [if I remember my biology and the descriptions correctly]).

I caught up with him in time to throw them off before they did kill him and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Many of his other friends that were NOT there, blamed me afterwards for letting it happen in the first place (and because I was not in Hospital). It was not something I had any control over until I ran into it happening, but you know how it is when the people that were not there know best.

When the album came out, it was all a little too fresh still. I used to skip the track. Weird thing is, as much as I know the rest of the album I do not really know all the lyrics to that track. I kind of just withdraw back to that night.

The song swirls through various personal experiences of that night, even up to the fact that I started to question myself in the face of many people blaming me.
I thought Erik meant that Brave Try (is) the meaning of loss...I can't seem to work out what how a brave try can equal loss to such a degree.
Two songs that really hit the feelings at the moment when I first heard them where Ghost of the Sun and Criminals.

Ghost of the Sun because I had a friend, who kind of diched me for a girlfriend.(See two lovers meet, pass you on the street)

Criminals because of my stupid brother who hasn't done anything but cause the family grief...
I always find Katatonia lyrics very close to me, sometimes I feel it could be my personal diary, if I’d only write it in a such talented way. I always find in Jonas’ (and Anders’) lyrics something that exactly describes my own feelings. I’ve been through a very painful break with my ex early last year and there were three stages of it:

The initial stage – “Had To (Leave)”:
It’s so hard to explain what I meant
When I said that I wanted you dead
But I saw you fuck up and I just can’t get back
The feeling I had for you

The middle period – “At Last”:
All my presence died today
I breathe to memories
Guess I'm closing down
Torn and tired of my heart's sound
What's worth to me
When life's not around

And the last one – “Black Session”:
So if you come by just this last time
I’ll be here
And I will talk to you like
If this had never been

So these three songs are still like anthems for me…
P.S. Oh, and sorry for my Swenglish:oops: