Krank Rev Jr clips (quick mic vs impulse)

Oh also...

I'm not sure the amp would be your cup of tea with that said Marcus. Very woody and classic Marshall tone, but not the first amp I would use for tight metal probably. It's just voiced different. We'll see though, maybe you will dig!

Only one way to find out buddy, get crackin'! :D What ribbon are you gonna use, btw?

Haha will do. I'll probably play some Death riffs or something.

Cascade Fathead-II for the ribbon y0. Cool mic. Maybe I haven't experimented enough, but like most ribbons it's extremely dark on it's own. To the point of saying "How would this ever be usable!?"

But, as soon as you add the dynamic in the mix it all comes together. It's like they were made for eahcother.


No joke man, Lasse reamped some tracks for a project I was working on with a SM57 and a m160 ribbon and he swore up and down about how much of a difference it makes blended in - he wasn't joking! A Fathead-II is in my near future indeed.

Clip 1 is the mic'd cab, clip 2 is the impulse. I'm not really sure which one I like better. The impulse sounds more open and "standard" in a way, and the mic'd version is a bit clouded and muddier, but I may be a bit biased towards the mic'd version anyway because I've been looking forward to micing for so long, haha.
Haha, I was wrong lolz. In my defense the impulse's creator probably spent time with the mic position whereas you said you didn't really move the mic around for the cab so...HAH.

Srsly what impulse is that though? :)