Used 5150 vs. Krank Rev Jr


Oct 20, 2006
Oregon Coast
Sorry for another help me choose an amp thread, but both of my ebay sales were a great success and I'm going to have about $700 to play with once my paypal funds clear.

I was going to go for a used 5150, but now I'm reading all kinds of things about the Krank Rev Jr. and I'm becoming quite confused. I used to have a Krankenstein and my favorite part about it was the sweep knob, so thats a plus for the Krank, and also Musicians Friend has some Scratch n' Dent Rev Jr Pro's for $521, which is way less than even a used 5150, especially after shipping costs are added.

A possible negative for the 5150 is that shipping will probably be pretty hefty, and there is a good chance it will need new tubes.

I'll never use the amp live, so 20 watts is fine, and I'm basically just looking for a metal amp to power my marshall cab so I can mic it up. What do you guys think? Should I save a buck or two and get the Krank?
Egan, didn't one of your bandmates get a Krank recently? How is that playing out?


Charley got a Krankenstein and has been using it as his main for a while but he still really likes his XXX. I still haven't gotten a chance to record the krank but I think it would do quite well (with a low pass). Barre is still playing his 5150II.
The Krank is looking like a better idea at the moment, but I'll be keeping an eye on ebay for some 5150's before I make my final decision. There have been a ton in the past couple weeks but they seem to be thinning out.