Least depressing opeth album

Don Corleone said:
what hope is there in Still Life? it has a very dark, uncomprimising end: the man dies because of his devotion for melinda, and he dies with hate.

Right, he comes back for his woman, she's killed, he's killed. The hope, I feel, lies in the last line of White Cluster:

"Beckoning right behind me"

To me, I feel that he's saying someone -- Melinda -- is calling for him on "the other side," whatever that may be. So although they are both killed, perhaps they aren't forever without each other?
hmmm i never thought of that "last sight i did see is still here beckoning right behind me" as melinda. could be, though, saut.

one thing i know that all his love changes to hate when he gets executed:
"i find trust in hate"
Orchid the least?!?! haha...very interesting. For me, I'd say Still Life is the least and musically Orchid with all those clean parts is the most depressing.

Orchid, the most depressing? I believe that everybody's opinions are equal in that we all have the right to them, but not all are equally valid. This isn't quite an example... but I still find it very hard to understand.

First of all, I'd venture a guess and say that Morningrise contains more minutes in acoustic guitar tracks than any other album (and therefore more clean parts). Orchid contains some of their most triumphant moments, in my opinion. See the beginning of In Mist She Was Standing, much of The Twilight Is My Robe, Requiem, much of The Apostle In Triumph.

I would say, for most depressing album, it's a tie between Morningrise and My Arms, Your Hearse. MAYH because of the story and some of the music, Morningrise because of the music and the fuzzy quality the recording has. Still Life (my favorite Opeth album) I don't find to be all that depressing. Though the story is depressing, I find it angry at times, but mostly epic. Blackwater Park, dark. Deliverance, dark and a bit mysterious. Damnation, melancholy.
Definitely D1 and D2. Just the boring colors and the musical style of Damnation.

I find Orchid and Morningrise to be uplifting-sounding releases, with lyrics that aren't too downtrodden either.
MasterOLightning said:
I don't find any of Opeth's albums to be depressing. I feel good after I listen to Opeth. Except for maybe Still Life. I get depressed because the album is not as good as the others.

Really? I think its definately their best! It was their first album I bought, really got me into them.