The least depressing Katatonia song?


Jun 4, 2003
Ann Arbor Michigan U.S.
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What do you think is the most upbeat/least depressing/hopeful song by Katatonia?
I was gonna have it as "the happiest Katatonia song" but that makes no sense. This is going to be harder than the most depressing Katatonia song thread.
this is really much harder..but you have also omit to mention what is your opinion and which song is for you the least depressing..for me this is maybe 'Shades of emerald fields',but only if i may 'cut off' some fragments of the lyrics..
greetz!very nice topic..
Hmm... I'd say 'Had to (leave)'. At least to me this song doesn't feel depressive at all. Although the lyrics are quite good, there's something so unappealing about that song, since the more depressive equals the better, at least in my opinion.
Right Into The Bliss. The lead guitars are really melodic and the lyrics can be seen in positive light too, a departure from something negative to something new...then again on a depressive day it could be seen as a positive song about suicide. Still, their 'happiest' one to date. There's a bit of the same vibe in Don't Tell A Soul, but it's a much darker song...

I agree with Maximum too that Had To (Leave) is one of the less depressing ones too, but your reasoning seems a bit weird. Depressing=good? Yeah, right.
I think the lyrics are just a bit more sad than depressing, and I base the feeling of a song a lot on the lyrics, so there we go.
For me it will be probably "We Must Bury You". It doesn't give me sad/depressed emotions when I listen to it so I pick this one. Though it's great song and it is, I wouldn't say happy, but different from the whole atmosphere on "LFDGD".
I guess my opinion (if it counts for anything) would be "strained". I guess to me because it is about the end/beginning of something. Its about sterting anew but very hopeless in doing so. So when i used to listen to that song(trying to quit being a junkie) I would be hopefull yet discouraged at the same time. As close as I can come to the aim of the thread. :)
I'd have to say Ghost of the Sun, that's such an angry song, lyrically and musically. I don't think even the mellow part in the song takes away from the sheer anger and power in it overall.
I rarely listen to Viva Emptiness these days, but for me the mellow part with the quiet vocals in Ghost Of The Sun sounds really depressing. Especially the "See two lovers meet, pass you on the street" line.
For Katatonia maybe. :) The comment was just a bit vague, so I thought you meant it in general.
I don't mind happy songs, happy melodies, happy riffs etc. at all...I do agree with you in a way, because songs that steer to the sorrowful, angry and depressing kind tend to be better than, say, the new happy happy joy joy MTV hit single. :) Still, good music is good music, be it happy, sad or angry.
TheFourthHorseman said:
Right Into The Bliss
And for me this is one of the most depressing Katatonia songs..have you noticed that the verb 'try' is one of the most often used in the lyrics of TD,only in this song it 's mentioned 7 times..the hopeless wish for reaction,caged in the prison ot the own self,the own weakness..and then the katatonic stagnation..
and the theme for the bliss,this seems like a phase beyond the 'normal' ,inexisting happiness,it's very strange that there is no way from the 'black road' to this point -'right into the bliss',there is only a promise to break free,but where is the strenght..
I could say Strained because of its positive sounding chorus, although much like Right Into The Bliss it also contains a great deal of fatalism. I'd have to go with Omerta in spite of its lyrics, it has one of their least depressing sounding melodies (at least for me...or In Death A Song, that one sounds too happy to match its lyrics.)
Discouraged_Tom said:
For me it will be probably "We Must Bury You". It doesn't give me sad/depressed emotions when I listen to it so I pick this one. Though it's great song and it is, I wouldn't say happy, but different from the whole atmosphere on "LFDGD".

Haha yes! I was about to say something like that. It's not a "happy song", but it's pretty "funny" I think. It kinda makes me laugh sometimes :tickled:

And, Right Into The Bliss is pretty melancholic for me.. it's a very nice song, but a bit sad I think.
I'd definitely say something from Viva Emptiness, some of these songs are more angry than depressing. Maybe Criminals or Ghost of the Sun, maybe Wealth, as it's more speculative than anything, not really as personal as the standard Katatonia lyric.

Fuck, Tonight's Decision is depressing :) So great!
Aside from maybe three or four songs(perhaps I Break, Deadhouse, Gone, and Saw You Drown), I would have to say the whole of Discouraged Ones. I hate to continue this theme of depressive lyrics vs. happy music, but the whole of that album just sounds like an upbeat rocker to me. Like maybe if the Rolling Stones only made $100 million instead of $120 million in a year, and they got just a little sad, they could have written some of the stuff on that album.
really difficult, Deliverance. i can't even think of a Katatonia song that i could define as lighter or something like that. much more are the different told stories that make you perceive it maybe less depressive, make you follow it out as some horror happening.
for example We Must Bury You, Sweet Nurse, Evidence..
anything off of Viva Emptiness. Compared to the songs of Brave Murder Day is comparing a funeral to a circus.