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Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
I know I've asked this before, but I'm just following it up once again.

The question: what are some AMAZING local (ie, Aussie/Kiwi) bands that are unsigned or at least unkown to the world at large?

We have Dungeon, PIV, Syzygy & Vanishing Point (all featured in one way or another on UM), but what are some others??

Cheers :)
There's plenty of great bands in Melbourne (Crimsonfire anyone? Yeeeaahhh!) - some good ones can be found here: http://home.connexus.net.au/~manicman/Links-Bands.htm

There's also King Oath: http://listen.to/king-oath/ (hard rock / metal with an incredibly out of date website!)

Dark Order: http://dark-order.tripod.com/ (classic thrash but they've been adding more power elements in on their new album... look out for some guest guitars / vocals from a well-known Sydney power metal band member on it! HAHA!)

Fury: http://fury.musicpage.com/ (heavy thrash but very technical)

Strident: http://www.lisp.com.au/~strident/ (old-Metallica inspired strange jazz-thrash stuff... weird but amazing!)

Heaps of great stuff... There's probably more I've left out that everyone else can add!

To coops list i'd like to add

Black Steel: (Traditional Metal - ManowaR , HammerFall...a bit of a Love/Hate band here ...but i like em)

Psychonaut: (Old school thrash with a groovy Sabbath tinge....there fuckin awesome...and Mark(Axe/vocals) is an awesome guitarist and all round showman)

Enforce: (Old school Death / Thrash metal...these guys are awesome and 'Tighter than a nun' live)

F.S.D: (Nu School metal...but A LOT cooler than most...kinda like RATM on Steriods...very good on stage...ENERGETIC frontman...currently residing in melb...they've probablly already been signed)

Malice Unity: (old school thrash metal...with some Allegiance thrown in....very cool ...still a very new band though)

And as coops said...all you want to know about Perth Metal can be found at http://www.wf.com.au
Oh yeah, and ANARION!!!


If you want an interview with Ric (lead vocals and guitar), I'll get you one coz I'm mates with him.

They will be HUGE! (And yes, that is the ex-Pegazus singer on their demo MP3s on the site, thank god he has been kicked out since)
I heard a fair bit of the forthcoming Anarion album just before it was mixed, and I must say it sounds fucking good!