Favorite local thrash/punk bands.

that one guy

You know, that one guy.
Dec 1, 2008
Murrieta, California
I really enjoy going to small local shows and parties and watching the usual small local bands play. They have a different sort of feel to them, a different vibe. And I really do like the music that some of them make. So I want to hear the other small local thrash or punk bands, at least on myspace or something.

So, I guess I should suggest a couple.

Kunder Thunts (love them)
Toxic Shock Syndrome --- The recordings on their myspace are really old and have a different, really shitty drummer.

So, post all of the small bands that make up your local thrash/punk scene. And check out the ones that others post.
I'm not quite sure if this belongs here, we'll see how it goes though. There should already be a local music thread though, so I advise you to search that out.