New Metal Member
Feb 3, 2016
Hi, Neil! I've been mixing one death metal album for quite a while now and I just can't find the brutal "chunky" sound that I'm looking for. There are few things that I've always wanted to ask you. Almost every engineer always say that you shouldn't scoop your mids from the amp when recording. And maybe they're right. Middles tend to have a lot of body and note clarity. Guitars on the Nile albums on the other hand sound quite scooped (maybe around 600 - 650hz?) but yet clear and I think that's the secret that makes em sound so brutal too. I'm I on a right track? Do you usually scoop your mids on Nile albums or is the tone of JCM2000 just like that naturally? When I re-amped the guitars for this album the FIRST time, I scooped some mids (I have a graphic EQ built in the amp) and ended up with a quite thin and fuzzy sound. Not good. The second time I didn't scoop any middles and ended up with this quite ok, but really generic metal tone that just didn't do the trick for me. Well, I equalized it afterwards and now it sounds ok, but it's still not what I'm looking for and I will re-amp it again. Too bad I have only one amp and cab in use so the options aren't that great. What about microphone placing, you use 57 and maybe some other mic I think? How do you place em? One inch from the grill cloth? Two or more? And how loud you usually crank the amp when recording Nile or any other high-gain stuff? That's something that I've always wondered. The tone on AOTW, TWTGD and WSNBU is just amazing. So distorted, yet so smooth and clear. Dark I would say. Do you actually use that much distortion or does the quad-tracking boost it up a bit? It would be really helpful if you could tell me how you handle your tone. I know that the amp itself makes a whooole lot to the sound. You guys used Marshall, I have a Randall, so there's no way I can achieve the same results. I'm still learning. =)

Thank you !