Metal Girls....

Women who listen to metal sure help catching my eye but there is so much more that has to be there for me to like a person. Listening to metal would not be a very big deal, but it would be pretty cool.
My wife is not into fact, I only dated one girl really into metal hard, and found it to be an unhappy experience. I am not trying to cut down girls into metal, and because I only had one girlfriend really into hard music it is in no way a generalization, but I did have a few problems with her.

The most glaring was that she tried to hard to prove to all the guys that she was just as cool as they were. When someone tries to hard to be cool they come off as a looser, be they female or male. The sad thing was if she stopped trying so hard, she would have been liked by everyone. She really knew her stuff, and was fun to be around when she was not trying to be so “awesome”
I personally haven't met ANY girls that are big into metal (or harder metal for that matter). I know that sounds unbelieveable but girls here are pretty lame.
Exactly zero experience in this regard, never met a girl who really liked metal.

Y'know, I think it would be convenient, and that's about it. I could listen to MY music when my girlfriend was around. It'd be nice, but I'd probably read little else into it.

It's funny, actually, how many times so many people have said in some often more vague phrasing in one way or another on this forum (including myself) that they feel a kinship with their metalhead bretheren, with fellow Opethians, and how people who listen to this type of music are generally more open-minded, intelligent, in touch with their emotions, blah, blah, blah... but when it comes to the simple notion of "girls who listen to metal" being a point of attractivity, all of our own pseudo-generalizations fly out the window. Aren't these major characteristics you'd look for in a significant other? These are important aspects of one's personality, yet all of these connections we've drawn to people who tend to listen to certain types of music are forgotten in this regard, maybe even, as some have said, detrimental. Why do you think that is?
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It's a turn-off for me... can't really say why though. Maybe because all the ones i've met are always depressed and hardly have any fun.

Yep. I discussed this with a friend some time ago, and as much as I hate to say it, it seems that many metal girls have issues and are quite unappealing to me. I guess many are just drawn to the music because most of it is dark.
Gwen it is exciting (with or without potential of raunch:D) to find someone who shares the same interests, humour, I think this goes for anyone :D

Vortex: it seems that many metal girls have issues.
Vortex take that back or the puppy gets it!! :lol:
Hmm... does taste in music really matter? I have very close friends who are hip hopers, ravers, synthers and goths and in that aspect I don't think music has anything to do with... well, anything. It's more of a matter of history and intelligence.
Being a metal girl, though I suppose I'm on the wrong end of the line here. I have found, though, that I just love finding other girls who're into metal (not for dating purposes though). :)
I wish there were more metal girls out there. I find musical taste a major factor in whether I find someone attractive as I am a musician and I can't live without music. I have been with girls who are into metal and girls who aren't and I found the girls who were into metal much more interesting, thoughtful and open minded. We could also go out to the same clubs, listen to the same music at home and have some good conversations about common musical interests. I think musical taste can also influence someone's outlook on many other areas but this is a generalisation.
Basically metal girls are great! If only I could find a few more!
If I meet a girl who likes metal that means that there is at least one more thing we can talk about, but that's all it is. And the topic can easily be exhausted.

Personally I find that girls are generally into goth if anything metal, and so they fall under the axe of my prejudices, though I have nothing against that metal genre. But why do they always have to be goth?? You'd think that fly had been swat by now *rolls eyes*

My step brother dated a very nice girl who was into metal, they met at a concert I think. But aside from the fact that metal brought them together it didn't do much for their relationship. And they broke up eventually...
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do you find it easier to relate and talk to a girl if she is into the same music as you? (as well as other sorts of interests)....

I find it easier to talk to _anyone_ who has same interests as I. Being a sometimes rather talkative person, it often helps me to have something common to discuss with others (be they men or women), so that I don't need to rant about Opeth to people who can't separate devil worshipping from rock'n roll. :)

But regarding your original question: I have started to think that I'd like to meet a woman who would not only be intelligent, mature and balanced, but who would also listen to the same music as I. Perhaps then I might have better luck than usually... Too bad I haven't met too many. :(

Personally, I'd find it very appealing. Music is very important to me, and I'd much rather have common musical ground with someone than not.

Also I feel that the music one enjoys is somewhat reflective of their personality. Generally, when one listens to any sort of underground and/or complex music, a certain inherent openmindedness comes with it. ..Something that is also important to me.

Not to mention being able to avoid the whole "Turn that shit off!" ordeal.
I've dated both.. I've dated goths, punks, ska-lovers (not gonna call her a skank), and even a totally preppy girl. Mind you, her sister liked some obscure music and she was really open-minded. So I'd say an open mind will always be attractive in that regard. I find the goth girls tend to be pretty messed up in the head, but that's just my experience.

I think the preppy relationship was the best. I taught her a lot, and she taught me a lot. I opened up to some music I never thought I would (still nothing I'd consider bad..), and while she may not love metal or even Opeth, she can always hear that and identify it, and give it a chance.

Metal-girls aren't so rare where I come from, because all the ska-kids like punk, and all the punks like metal.. so it's all a big mishmash. people will do anything to see a good live band.
mostly... goth girls and such DO tend to have issues and be all depressed.... i dont care for their bullshit...... My life is music.... I spend all my time playing guitar/ singing/ writing music / listening to music/ promoting bands/ going to concertsand shows/ talking about music with people...... the only possible way i could be happy in a relationship is to find a girl that is into music or mostly metal because i have absolutely no desire to do anything else with my life then what i already do.... unfortunately there is like a .0002% chance that the girls i meet are metal or musical at all..... and theres like a 99% chance that they will be depressed goth chicks who have issues and dont really know shit about music anyway....... oh well....
"Do guys find girls that are into metal appealing, or on the other hand, just another person they can talk to about music and hang out with occasionally with no feelings attached??" --- Gwen

hmmmmmmmmmmm, this metal girl you speak of, can she cook too? ;)