Metal Sludge

Sludge sucks? How can anyone possibly say that? What the fuck, I didn't recall asking for anyone's stupid ass opinions. I just want to know what happened to the sludge.
Hi Prez!

No one really knows what's going on...there's a lot of speculation. Some people think it's over, Sludge is just ending the whole thing, others think that the site is undergoing reconstruction and might be up Tuesday...but no one knows for sure. This was completely unexpected...
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bring on the sluge!!

i'm sure they'll be back...I mean 3 illion hits and 3 years is hard to pass up! in General...?? Is it really???!!!
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what's up a guy? ready for some NCW chaos!?

Have you heard that the tag team composed of the Optimist and Pessimist want to have a handicap match for your title?? What do you think of this??:lol:
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Did anyone see the fake anti-Nevermore page on Infernal Combustion?

Once I got the joke I thought it was hilarious, all the way down to the horrible spelling and grammar!:OMG: :OMG: