soccer... and sand....


May the HORNS be with you
Apr 6, 2007
okay, so i'm flipping channels real quick and i get to ESPN as i surf... i see a bunch of sand and people running around in it with a ball. i'm like "okay, volleyball." upon further inspection they were kicking the ball.. and i was like "wait... they're fuckin' playing soccer... in the sand!!! wtf? that's just... what?"

How are you?
yea it's the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, its still kind of new. almost 10 years old or something. Brazil always wins it
it's.... just not right. it's not fun watching the ball NOT be able to glide across the ground.
you can say that even more strongly if you live in a hispanic region.. perhaps.. Spain? puerto rico?
well, i don't hate soccer, i just don't like this twisted version of it. what non-existing demi-god continues to confuse me?!?!?!?!
Soccer rules. Not as fun to watch as it is to play though. However, I could never get into hockey, which is basiocally the same rules and type of game.
^ Soccer and Hockey is the same for me..
growing up in Canada and Europe: I know all about those games, but because it was EVERYWHERE
I just ignored it...

Now that I am here, American Football excites me, and Baseball... is ok, but I'm still
not 100% into it... maybe I need a good "company" who will take me
to games and explain it better.

But football: <3
football.. baseball. boring. very low-energy sports. soccer has much more action (as well as hockey), but i don't watch sports that much anyway. i'm too busy watching w/e random metal dvd i have or being online... or working.
I've struggled with why soccer annoys me, and at first I thought it was because the players are just a bunch of pansies who whine every time they fall down and have to get carried off the field every time they break an eyelash. However, I think the thing that annoys me so much is how the entire world can be so captivated by a game so stupid, so simplistic, and so BORING. There is NO strategy. ZERO. Ball goes into net. One point. Ball goes into other net. One point. No one else scores for the rest of the game. Game ends in a tie. There are no alternative strategies to win; there is no risk in soccer. Do you know why many Europeans don't like American football? They say there's too much stopping and starting; there's not enough action. WHAT?!?!?!? The "stopping" is the team making a battle plan on how to kill the other team and score. If they fail in that, they must at least get points on the board by kicking a field goal.

In soccer, there is none of that. In American football, one must think two or three steps ahead in a close game. In soccer, they have to kick it in the goal however many times they are behind, plus one extra if they want to win.

Soccer exciting? "Wow, he has a shot, he's gonna take it....OOOHHHHHHHH, he missed!!!" "Wait, he's gonna do it again......OOOOHHHHH he missed again!!!"

All game like that. They build up and build up and get a good momentum and then they kick it to the wrong guy and the other team has to start all over again from the opposite end of the field. Snore.