Metallica OR Slayer...... Who was the better thrash band?

Who is better?

  • Metallica

    Votes: 14 50.0%
  • Slayer

    Votes: 14 50.0%

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Originally posted by MURAI
I like it when a band executes the aggression in a way I can do :headbang: to.

I have to agree... Take Iced Earth, I can headbang to "Burning Times",but I headbang a lot more during "Watching Over Me".. I guess the slowness in the beginning is better for building up the heaviness...

Originally posted by MURAI
You mean In Flames right? Everybody's raving that they're great but I just think they're OK.
On the general Chat board, I'm running a "Battle of the Bands", where In Flames beat out Megadeth, if you can believe it. Slayer also just lost to Opeth. It's been a rough go for the old school bands, as Anthrax is the only old schooler left in the competition right now.