Mike, please play Ghost of Perdition next Tuesday!


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Jul 19, 2005
I'm going to the Paris show next Tuesday - cannot wait to finally see Opeth live!
The setlists of the shows Opeth played recently that people posted did not contain Ghost of Perdition, which makes me very :erk: as this is THE best song from the new album.

I really hope Opeth will play it in Paris next Tuesday, I'm sure the whole crowd would go :hotjump:

4 days till Opeth! :headbang:
In the words of Mike from last tuesday:
"Do we look like a band that take fucking requests?"
see i reckon the problem is that usually change the setlist every night, but they have a drummer thats new too the songs. gettin a drummer to learn an opeth song has gotta be challenge and i reckon they got a very good set list, agreed that the people that go to all the shows itl be a bit boring.but they are doing one show a night, which means that it is goin to be hard for them to rehearse.