more good music

I'll second 7 Angels 7 Plagues. Brilliant band. Also try out Misery Signals, which features two members of 7A7P.

Also, Kiss It Goodbye's only album is the epitome of "pissed off".
I was going to say Walls of Jericho but someone beat me to it lol ... they are on TrustKill records... also try out Atreyu (there considered metalcore no?) and Crisis... you might also consider the band Cro-Mags.. its a old school band from the 80's but they tended to be metalcore at times... especially there first album and to a certain extent releases after that if you can find their albums... probably on ebay u can find them..

so :
Walls of Jericho
Not sure if you guys will consider ALL of these metalcore....

god forbid
burnt by the sun
heaven shall burn
martyr ad
with dead hands rising
ion dissonance
the number 12 looks like you
through the eyes of the dead