I program powertab to play the harmonies to these badass lead lines i have going like... 240 bpm nooo like 320 bpm and have sex while im executing them. when i get ready to blow my stack the girl suddenly wants the guitar in her ass so i get it down as far as i can and as for the jackson-style headstock, i've only gotten it in to like the fourth tuner... it's weird because the chick who got to four didnt even bleed as much as the other chicks who stopped at two. nobody ever screamed at me to stop at three except the girl who died. either way, when im done i generally shove a hot vacuum tube from my fucking made hot-ass amp in my penis hole to cleanse any STDs or anything but either way my dog likes to watch
Silly kids making noise during sex. If you play anything you wouldn't normally they know what you're doing. During sex, always play music/TV you normally would.
Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck what music is on while having sex? I don't even hear the music...
My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun

Yep, same here. That is one of the finest records ever, in my humble opinion.

I've mentioned before that EoR got stuck in my CD player a few years back so it provided the soundtrack to the 43 seconds of ecstasy I bestowed upon many women.

I've found that, like Vera, I don't really care but Elliott Smith and Ben Gibbard have been playing for the past few weeks.