Ladies And Gentleman, What Is Your Favorite Sex Music ?!!? (metal Or Other)


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Sep 4, 2001
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I'll probably open a CANOFWORMS here, but what is everyone's favorite SEX MUSIC? First off, I'm not a pervert or a voyuer, and I don't get my jollies on watching or knowing what other people do "in bed". Also, this is not an attempt to brag with how many women I've been with. ( for all you know I could have screwed the same woman a million times, or a million women one time). What music puts you "In the Mood" ? Some music that has accompanied my sexual escapades:

Queensryche-Rage For Order (pure emotion)
Type O Negative-October Rust (the ladies love this)
Nevermore-Garden of Grey (good groove and lyrics)
Nevermore-Hurting Words (made one lady cry)
Slayer-Reign In Blood (angry sex)
Death-Voice of the Soul (A mix of anger and beauty, for the "emotional" lady). MAYBE TRAPPED CAN ELOBORATE

There are others, I will name later. This is just to get you started.
Have Fun!!!

ZANEX "I AM THE DOG":heh: :devil: :headbang:

HAHAHA! The man from Kentucky!!! Hey dude,,,whats up???(LOL)

Kashmir(LedZep) is #1 for putting me in the mood. There are others, but this song just gets me going. Needless to say,,,my wife fucking loves this song,,,hahahahaha!!
Voice of the soul hey?? :err:

At least it doesn't have a weird time signature... ha ha... that's just asking for pain... :lol:

Actually, the best song for sex would be 'benighted' by opeth... It's emotional, but it still has a groove... :heh:
I had an epiphany a few days ago that when i get head, i want Seven Tongues of God blasting. It's such head music, don't ya think? ;)
Cradle of Filth- Lord Abortion hahahahahahahaha.. "Care for a little necrophilia hmm."

Nightwish is a pretty good call, but I listen to that too much, so I would be walking around with a hard-on all day if it turned me on like that. Tarja's voice is that of an angel if there ever was one.

Pure Evil- you are one funny (and sick) bastard... keep blastin seven tongues hahahaha. make sure she finishes the job hhahahahaha
depends on the mood ... Moonspell - especially the songs on "Sin", Bruce Dickinsons "Chemical Wedding", Nevermores DNBs Cenotaph, No more will and forever ...
I shouldn´t name single songs cuz i need more time for this heavy action than a single song usually provides :D
I never listen to metal when gettin "busy". Here's a list of CDs that see heavy rotaion in the evening hours:

Steve Vai's "Passion and Warfare" - one of the greatest CDs of all time.

Dollshead's "Frozen Charlotte" - if Sierra Swan's voice doesn't put you in the mood, nothing will.

Anything by Enigma - I think they write these CDs for people to have sex to.

I don't need a bloody fucken aphrodisiac, like NEVERMORE and shit...

Angry Sex?--->quote ZANEX "I AM THE DOG"...tell me, inform me

try this
chessy 90's love song lyric? poem for your love bitch

I want to love you in the garden of gray
where we can stop the time and drink the ecstasy
and when its done just traces of the glow
the sparkle in your eyes is ecstasy
Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company : brings back memories for me - my 1st time was to this song

What would I listen to today?

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin [good call ledmag] : for those softer moments
Blackwater Park - Opeth : just gets me in the mood [but I have to last 11 minutes to make it work]
Future Breed Machine - Meshuggah : for the sweaty ones
personally I like to throw on "The Sounds of the Jungle" this really sets the mood... there is nothing like making love to a woman while hearing monkeys in your head... hahahahaha

I agree with Jody and some others- make your own music
A mixed bag of replies. No, True Light, I don't need and aphrodisiac , but I believe most will agree that music can enhance and supplement the experience. As for the angry sex, I should have indicated the whole Slayer "Reign In Blood" C.D. I should have stated "rough sex" beside it. You wanted me to explain, so here goes. ROUGH SEX-the hair pulling, neck biting, back scratching, nail digging, ass smacking, blood letting kind of sex.
*General Zod-Passion and Warfare is an excellent piece of work and Steve Vai is one of my favorite guitarist
*Some of you mentioned Meshuggah, (for the stop, go, rest, go like hell, slow down, go like hell again kind of sex.) Talented band with complex arrangements.
*W.A.S.P.- Dragonlord, the name says it all (We Are Sexual Perverts). Personally, I like L.O.V.E. Machine, Wild Child, Animal (Fuck Like A Beast), and Sleeping in the Fire
*Pure Evil-The Seven "TONGUES" Of God. Great oral sex song.
In closing, When I asked this question I meant either complete C.D.'s or collections of songs. (It usually takes longer than a few songs, unless she's doing something wonderful).

Other C.D.s/ songs to ponder as sex music:
Danzig- Black Aria.
Van Halen-Everybody Wants Some, Bottoms Up.
Black Sabbath-NIB, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Queensryche-Jet City Woman, The Thin Line, Another Rainy Night
and the complete Operation Mindcrime and Rage for Order C.D.'s
especially "Gonna Get Close To You, Walk In The Shadows, I
Will Remember, and Eyes of A Stranger"

I know there are others, I can't think right know

ZANEX "I AM THE DOG":heh: :headbang: