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I'm an ESP fanatic. I play an ESP MII Custom, an ESP Horizon, and an old ESP MIII. Other guitars are an ESP Custom Shop Bass, BC Rich Warlock. Acoustics I play an Alvarez (unknown model) and a Martin I inherited from my grandfather (r.i.p.) I also play an ESP Baritone guitar which is pretty cool for really heavy stuff - it's called an LTP FB200. All the ESPs have EMG humbuckers and Seymore Duncan pickups. Ummmmm Amps, I have a Peavey 5150 head on top of double marshall 4x12 cabinets. Effects I have a digitech rack valve system running through a digitech RP150 floor processor.
I believe it's called saving your money, hehe.
I really only have a couple electric guitars. I have my first guitar which was an Ibanez Destroyer
II and my current (I bought in 1997) Gibson SG Standard(US made ofcourse). The Sg cost me $1000 bucks but it ws well worth it. The guitar plays nice and it stays in tune. I did have a Gibson Les PAul Standard before this guitar, and speaking of which I really wanna get one again. As for acoustics I have my dad's old Hummingbird copy , brand name is Ensenada. I also have a couple classicals, one being a Giannini.
Amps: I mainly use my Laney for the great tube sound but I also have a 100 watt Tubeworks amp combo.
Recording Equip: Boss BR-8 Digital 8-track , Mackie 12-channel mixer, Alesis Drum machine (still figuring out how to program the bitch!)
Other music equip : Tama 5 piece Swingstar drumset (which I found out later was used on a couple Opeth albums-this model anyways-!!) , Moog polyphonic synthesizer, casio CTX keyboard. I'd like to eventually get a bass.
Guitars: Jackson KE-1T Marty Friedman Signature, Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha Nylon String

Amps: Peavey Ultra 212 and a Fender Princeton 112 Plus

Pedals: BOSS EQ, BOSS Metal Zone, Vox Wah
As far as effects go, Digitech and Boss are both very good companies that produce very good multi FX processors. Basically man, my philosophy is (although I happen to be pretty well off) buy expensive, quality stuff that will last you a lifetime. However that doesn't mean you have to spend 2000 dollars on an FX rig. However, if you're looking to get something very decent and somewhat professional, I would recommend the DigiTech RP2000. The cool thing about Digis is that you can download patches off the internet and slap them into your effects processor, so you basically tap into a neverending supply of new and interesting effects. Here's a link to the RP-2000:

It goes for about 300 dollars on , and it's well worth it! Here's a link to that.

Semi Acoustic Guitars

You're going to notice a difference between not necessarily the SOUND but the playability as the price goes up in acoustics. Also, not to ignore the sound, many acoustics - the more expensive types - have very thick and quality sounds, whereas the cheaper ones sound more tinny and less "full". For a mid range acoustic, I'd recommend something by Alvarez. They make good stuff. Ovation is also an OK - but merely OK - company for acoustics. They make very cheap guitars, with plastic and stuff. But definitely, a good, quality, mid-range guitar (in my opinion) will be made by Alvarez. Washburn is also a good company to look into. And, if you feel like getting THE BEST guitar out there and you have enough money to spare to by an extra car, you should pick up a Martin. They're handmade by guitar craftsmen - much like how Ferraris are hand built by car "craftsmen", and are simply the best. That's also my opinion. I inherited my Martin from my Grandfather who died about two years ago, who was also rather well off - But his guitar is about 26 years old - a Vintage Martin, and it's been appraised at 15,000 dollars. That's the kinda quality Martin will give you - they gain in value as they get older. That's pretty much the spectrum you're dealing with!

Hope I could help you out man, music rules.
To Hearse:

You don't need alot of effects. I recomend maybe a few Boss pedals, such as Delay, Metal Zone, (maybe) chourus, acoustic sim. I just use a Boss Metal Zone, and whatever effects I use are on my Boss BR- 8 digital 8 track. Ofcourse I don't use many effects anyways, I like to be "real" , just write good music and see where it goes with as least effects as possible.

For acoustics : I like Classical guitars alot, but normal acoustics have a rich sound, that's nice to have. I recomend... Ovation, Martin, Takamine, and even some Deans which are more affordable but play pretty good.

Hello everybody.

I play...
Guitars - Ibanez JS100, Jay Turser 7-string (A cheap Ibanez copy that plays quite well...needs new pickups though), Ovation Celebrity Deluxe acoustic/electric

Effects - Boss GT3

Amp - Trace Elliot Super Tramp Twin (but, I'm looking into a halfstack soon for playing gigs)
Originally posted by Tommy-G

I would recommend the DigiTech RP2000. The cool thing about Digis is that you can download patches off the internet and slap them into your effects processor

Semi Acoustic Guitars

Ovation is also an OK - but merely OK - company for acoustics. They make very cheap guitars, with plastic and stuff.

For multieffects, your best bet is to try out several in a local music store (if you can) and go with the one you like the best. I had a hell of a time deciding between the Boss GT3 and the Digitech RP2000. They are similarly priced and offer many of the same features, and both are really excellent multieffects boards. I played for about 2 hours before I made a decision! :)

Also, Ovation doesn't build guitars with fiberglass backs to cut costs, they do it for the sound. Ovation, to my knowledge, was the first manufacturer to make rounded-back electric/acoustic guitars, and you will find that even their most expensive models are built the same way. Ovations are good, not the best, but they have a distinct sound.
I'd say that the ZOOM 505II is a pretty good multi-effect....
I've got one, and I like it....pretty cheap to...around 90$ or something like that....but that's without the expression pedal
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Martin D-50

I can't believe I scored a FREE Martin D-50... That made a poor man happy!
I'm trying to figure out if the person above is kidding or not.

my electric is a Squier Stagemaster Deluxe w/ H-S-H pickup config (POS)
Fender Princeton 65 amp
Boss DS-1 pedal (also POS)
maybe picking up a Digitech metal-master pedal soon

Acoustic: Seagull S6 (not POS :) )
Guitar: BC Rich mocking bird pro platinum series
Pedal: Digitech RP200A
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