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Sep 3, 2001
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First I would like to say "Hello" to all. I am an "Opethian", as I hear all of you are, from a friend of mine who is also part of this forum. I shall hearafter begin taking part in some of these threads, and I have even been reading alot of them even before I guys, (and a couple of girls), seem like great people. And to those of you who do have bands of your own, feel free to suggest, I would love to hear your music, (and, when I get a job again, buy the CDs). I guess that is enough for an opening. Probably too much, especially for one who despises words as I do, (does anyone else agree that they are a truly clumsy and pathetic vehicle for thought transmittion? When are we gonna get telepathy? Now that's an invention I would buy...)

Hey Joe, welcome. Glad you finally got it working, we are as I said before the final fantasy brothers, haha ok nevermind. Alright be seeing you man. I told him to check out the board and he finally got it working.
welcome...the drinks are on that side, the food on that side, and the stuff that needs to be burned to enjoy is right here!
Ahoy matey, welcome aboard. :devil:

From the few posts you've made, I can say you'll fit in perfectly well! Hope you'll enjoy your stay.

In the mean time, check the link in my signature for one "Opeth Board Band". :)
how dare you think you are welcome!!!!!:mad: what makes you think you are welcome in my forum? huh huh well???!!!!!

i find it hard to say what i think and so what is said above means welcome i think? or do i, well obviously i do otherwise i'd be a vegetable, or a person who doesnt think:confused:

yes anyway well welcome.
What other bands are you into besides opeth? do you play any instruments?

hmm I like In Flames, Mithotyn, Amon Amarth, Emperor, God Dethroned, Morgion, Swordmaster, and my newest intersts are: Hollenthon, Vintersorg, Summoning and Thales.

Sure, I'll check out some wars of winter.
Originally posted by Oyo
I'm good at getting my point across when writing or typing but I babble too much when talking and people get confused.

........Huh?:confused: ...........Oh I get it! .....with the typing ........and the speaking............ and stuff. Yeah I 'type/write' better than I 'speak' in general. Says a lot 'bout how I speak huh.:D
I love these "this is my first post" threads, because then I know quite easily who to target for the weekly round of initiation hazing rituals.

Hey, Orchid, do you have the big wooden OPG (Opethian Phi Gamma) paddles at your place or were they left at Hearse's?

Heh, ignore me. Welcome to the forum, dude. Mock Mikael's moustache, drink some goat's blood, and don't defend any nu-metallers and you'll fit in just fine
...AFTER the hazing, that is. Heh heh heh... wait, it's a lot less effective saying something under my breath when I type it out. Maybe use a smaller font? Hmmm...
matter of fact, HOSER, i already defended a nu metal band...but that was only out of justice...slipknot actually have changed their style from crap to metal. albeit mediocre metal, they are no longer as low on the spectrum (i heard their new album yesterday). i dont like them, but they're no longer so bad.
Originally posted by Oyo
I'm good at getting my point across when writing or typing but I babble too much when talking and people get confused.

I can perfectly identify with that ! Sometimes I find that my written English is better than my spoken Ukrainian, now that is trouble :p

But, communicating through a written medium is very interesting - how the medium influences the communication, and how you can bend the medium to your advantage, so you can express something in such a way that is impossible in spoken language (and vice versa). There are a couple of guys on Usenet whose posts can be read as pure art, not as strict communication.

And, (a late) welcome to TyrantOfFlames, finally.

NP: Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle Earth

P.S. Hoser: Mikael has a moustache ? Any photoes ? (I remembered a crazy interview where he compared himself with the Elephant Man...:loco: )