Watershed in DTS


Sep 22, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Hey all,

I realise that a lot of people on the forum don't have the facility to listen to the DTS mix of Watershed but it would be nice to hear the opinions of those who do.

Myself and a couple of old friends, who were also very familiar with the album, cracked open some beers (etc) and gave the DTS mix it's first spin on Saturday night. All I can say is...."WOW".

It's an incredible job and because these things don't just happen, I wanted to draw attention to it here. I assume that Jens produced the 5.1 mix too? If so, kudos and much gratitude to Mr Borgen.

It sounds fucking amazing.

Hey, some mates and I were also sitting together, chilling and absorbing Watershed in DTS, a few days ago.
And hell yeah it gave me goosebumps all the time.
It´s a freaking trip into the music. With the growls attacking you from backwards...


If you have no dts-capable setup, get one... it´s that easy ;)

(Seems like Jens´s 5.1 Mixes are getting better and better... Ghost Reveries, Still Life, and now Watershed... I hope this trend wont stop...;))