New Dimmu Borgir


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Apr 21, 2003
Have any of you guys heard the new dimmu borgir... i just downloaded that and zyklon - aeons... i think dimmu's new albums kicks major ass... what do you guys think?
Shorter songs, less progressive elements, simpler songwriting, less fluid riffing, more reliance on vocal effects and symphonics who's sound is completely unchanged from Puritanical, practically identical production, extremely similar artwork.

It's nothing but Puritanical pt. 2, but worse.

A good comparison would be Soilwork's Figure Number Five follow-up of Natural Born Chaos.

More of the same, just worse.

(note, I like Puritanical and Soilwork's mentioned albums. I don't like Death Cult Armageddon however)
I have to agree with swizzlenuts.
Death Cult Armageddon is probably my favorite black metal album now.
The symphony sounded fucking cataclysmic, not to mention everything else.Only thing I'm a little disappointed with is the length of the tracks but thats alright,they still kick ass!
i've listened to it about 3 times now and i still find it pretty repetitive with just a few really memorable songs, although some of the orchestral bits are really amazing, i guess i should give it some more spins before making the final judgement.
I would have to agree that it does kinda sound like "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia pt.2", so there's nothing strikingly original here. However, it's not necessarily worse, it's just...well...more of the same.
All you haters just suck!! I can´t see why people can even compare these two latest albums of Dimmu Borgir! This one is a lot better. The sound has improved, the songwriting, the structures, the orchestra - every-fucking-thing is great!!!

Idiots! It´s musical racism!!! Just to hate without reasonable purpose - for the very sake of hating!!
LuminousAether said:
Wait... wait... their songs are shorter now?

Hahhaha.. yeah fuckin right.

Listen to Enthrone Darkness Triumphant again, ya fuckin moron.

I was comparing Death Cult Armageddon to Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, in which case the songs are indeed on average shorter. Try reading next time, yeah? Good boy.
First off I think it kicks ass. It beats the hell out of Puritanical. Having real orchestration make a huge difference in their work. Very cool.
I haven't snagged the new Zyklon yet. I know what next on my agenda......

LuminousAether said:
5:16 for the average song length for Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia.

5:46 for the average song length for Death Cult Armageddon.

DCA has longer songs, dumbass.

Minus the cover which isn't their composition, and minus the intro/outro, Puritanical has an average song length of 5:53.

Stop being such a fanboy already; it's sad.
I havent heard it yet but have heard great things about it. A friend of mine has an advanced copy and said when listening to it his imaginaion pictures a haunted house infested with demons and Dimmu playing the songs in the haunted house. I think its great when music can set an image in your head and really make the imagination run.
Heh yeah, I find imagery an important part of music. I like to see a band with good artwork and lyrics promoting the image they want to promote. If a band has that complete package, they're a-ok to me.

As long as I like the music too of course. =)
If you take out the intro and one song, you get an average track length of 5:53... so even with cheating, you are only 6 seconds on average longer than Death Cult Armageddon? So... 6 seconds shorter? OOOOOHHH FUCKING NO!! SELLOUTS!! FUCKING PIG DOG SELLOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Die Dimmu, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!