New Farmakon song available at!


Damage Driven Creep
Aug 6, 2001
Although it took 15 days to be approved by the staff :)grin: ), it is here now! The song is called My Sanctuary In Solitude (Or The Sanctuary in my solitude). It was the first song we did after our first demo.

The track is from our "second demo" (tracklist and lyrics on our homepage) which was done with my 8-track recorder. Because of that, the sound quality is not as good as on our first demo that was done in a studio. I still hope you enjoy it! And comments are welcomed...

The song
Our homepage
Oh great! It's there!

The second demo was mainly for our own amusement, but we decided to let others know that we're not dead...So there.

Go and listen to it. Trash it, Smash it, Praise it, but tell us!

(The commercial Toni speaking) :D
yeh, wow, you guys are good

very good actually..

love the song, 10/10 - definitely your best song of the ones ive heard... wow this is incredible...

*drools more*
I play guitar and compose, Downfall plays guitar and composes, Windom Pearl plays bass and composes...

Three composers makes the the songs quite interesting 'cause we all have different tastes of music... We listen all kinds of music from funk to speedkilldeathMetal... I think the only band we all (except drummer) listen to is Opeth...

Thanks for the feedback!!!
Wow!!! I'm a genius!!!! :)
Originally posted by Hearse

Windom Pearl also sings ;) :D

Really good song, getting better with every listen and its definitely your best work so far. More emotions in this piece of art.
Shit fuck cock, I'm too exited about the up coming Opeth gig on sweden!!! :D

Off to rehearsh.

FUCK! So he does (sing)... I'm a bit

I've noticed myself also that our pop sounds better the more you listen to it... :D

rehearsh? u drunk too? ;)
Originally posted by nevershine
FUCK! So he does (sing)

Yeah, but it's nothing special, bwhahahah. :lol: :lol:


I've noticed myself also that our pop sounds better the more you listen to it... :D

Yep, that's true. It takes a while to get into the songs, which is good in my book. You guys rewl. :p

rehearsh? u drunk too? ;)

Hehe, nah, he was the designated driver (poor him).
Re-Hearse. Hoho. :)