New Katatonia, the tour and new band members

swallow the sun were a lot better than their headline tour before christmas when i thought them dull. far more upbeat this time. it must be hard work getting yourself up every night to perform on what is basically someone else's tour.
Even in my opinion Mikko from Swallow the sun is an outstanding vocalist, though I don't like so much those 'blackish' vocals I've heard here and there on some of their latest songs.

Thats one of the best thing with the new album. His mumbling growls need some variation, and the BM screams he does is done really damn good.
I hope they continue to vary the vocals like this, its awesome.
I think, to be fair that bands like Swallow the Sun would have once sat very well next to Katatonia but nowadays Katatonia is a very different sort of music yet still seems to trail around with a doom metal following of support bands when they almost sound like Muse in places (only a little).

I don't think Katatonia sounded right but they are not really the Katatonia I loved that was Tonights Decision and LFDGD anymore, they have evolved and as such I don't see the new members as a bad thing. But for the onlder stuff, I agree they have to let it go a bit now because they dont do that stuff.