New Smilies....Suggestions


Blinded By The Light...
Jul 15, 2001
This ones a bit out of the blue but I was wondering if it would be possible and/or easy to get a few more smilies for the forum. I just say this 'cos on several occasions I've instantly gone looking and been dissapointed not to find a 'Meltdown' smilie! You know, one where a little animation of the top of the smilies head melts and dribbles down the side of his face, or better yet, shakes then explodes!

I only bring this up 'cos I think it's some how appropriate to these message boards, seeing as Opeth music upon occasion can cause a 'mental meltdown'.

Even if nothing can be implemented, I'll welcome any other suggestions for smilies simply to hear what other people are thinking..........

Adios.:p :rolleyes: :D