New Therion Album?

You should be able to click "Lynx" at the bottom of the page, that will take you in the site. I Haven't heard that much Therion I am afraid.
I already made a comment on the album last week, but it was in some other thread so I'll say the same thing once again:

Take one dose of Theli
Exchange the Egyptian influences for Norse Mythology
Use more choirs/orchestral elements.
Add depth and power.
Add one star for a verdict of 5

ps. Beware of the choirs, they sing in Swedish sometimes
All the names of the tracks are taken from "lands" in Asgard and suchlike

"Ginnungagap" is sort of the Abyss I think
and then there's:

Schwarzalbenheim (Darkelf-heim)
Ljusalfheim (Lightelf-heim)

And last "Secret of the Runes"

I pray to the powers that be that the CD booklet will have the lyrics though, it's damn hard to hear what is being sung, even when it's in Swedish (which it is sometimes).