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This is as good a place as any for this iced earth news, i got it from an iced earth board
So I´ve just listened to a live interview with Jon on the net! [COOOOOL]
And this is what I snapped up about the trib disc
Here´s some of the songs they´re gonna put on that tribute disc!!!

Kizz: Creature´s of the night
Maiden: Hallow be thy name, Number of the beast
Priest: Screaming of Vengeance
Alice Cooper: Didn´t say
AC/DC: Didn´t hear...Balls something?

He mentioned some more stuff, but I can´t really remember what it was. I think Pink Floyd was on that list too and some other dudes name I have NEVER heard before, I don´t really think he was metal??

Trib disc´s usually gets a bit boring.
So I really hope this one will not, but I have faith in the guy´s so I bet it wont


Sounds pretty cool :D
Hi guys, just need to get somthing off my chest
i am getting heaps of action over here in Ireland
Little Johnny:
Little Johnny's in his math class. The teacher is explaining subtraction to the kids. She poses this question to the class: "If three pigeons are perched on a wire and you shoot one off, how many are left?" The class is silent. Little Johnny raises his hand.

"You know the answer Johnny?" the teacher asks.

"Yes I do. If three pigeons are on a wire and you shoot one off, none are left. The other two would fly away."

The teacher seems amused, but calmly corrects Johnny. "No Johnny, if you shoot one off, two are left, but I like the way you're thinking."

This only frustrates Johnny. About five minutes before class ends, Johnny raises his hand again.

"Yes Johnny," the teacher asks.

Johnny says, "Three women are sitting on a park bench all eating icecream cones. One's bitting it, one's licking it, and one's sucking it; Which one's married?"

The teacher seems a little confused, but decides to answer, "The one sucking it?"

Little Johnny replies, "No, the one with the ring on her finger, but I like the way you're thinking."

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