Troll #2
May 25, 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
This has not much to do with OPETH, but i would like to ask you fellow Opethians if you have heard the italian (i think they're italian) band NOVEMBRE?

I haven't heard them and i can't find any sounds samples on the net, so I am asking for your help!
I am interested in their album "Classica".
Does anyone have any information about this album and/or this band?

Please help!
Thank you! :)

I run the offical Novembre page (under a major overhaul) at (the site should be up soon).

I have the new album and it ranks up there with BWP and Last Fair Deal for sure.

I have been given permission from the band to put up their first two album in their ENTIRETY on (as well as two tracks from Classica and the new Novembrine Waltz). Expect that in the next few weeks.

I can't undstand why Novembre aren't as well known as Opeth, Katatonia or Anathema. The were WAY ahead of their time with regard to providing very emotional metal. I truly believe that their second album Arte Novecento was the blue print for all clean vocal metal albums (which Discouraged Ones and perhaps Eternity copied). Plus, they acutally have a drummer who rips!

Anyway, I guess you'll have to hear the albums to understand what I mean.

Thanks for the info, Nebularus!!

Do you think you can send me one song from "Classica", please? I really want to hear, because i can't find any sounds samples somewhere! :(

You think you can help me with that??

Thanks in advance!