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which part of the song is that short version thing?
It's the part from 11:26 into the song until approx. 18:00 into it, but the beginning and ending slightly adjusted to make it appear as an individual song rather than a sample out of another song. See Belial's post (scroll up a few posts) for a link to download it.

I agree partly on the opera vocals, the part when she starts yelling could have been left out or changed.
By the way, while we're on the subject, does anyone have a fucking clue what this song is about?

The best I can figure it - and I'm horrible at deciphering the meaning behind lyrics anyway - is some guy who's crazy and thinks he's God. He does some shit, some shit happens, and something really bad happens to him. Then the real god speaks to him, and this guy begs for forgiveness or something, but still in the back of his mind he thinks he's divine. I'm sure I'm WAAAAAY off but I have no other idea what the hell it could be about.