Opeth Commin To Oz!!!!!!!???????

[color=sky blue]Surfers Paradise was rated like...2nd or 3rd on this World's Greatest Beaches thing I saw a few days ago. Nice place! It IS strange the way that Austrailians are portrayed. What's up with that? It's like that everywhere though. Examples are stated above! Several times! :) I remember thinking that Austrailia was all outback and crocodiles and natives! :lol: Then I saw the Goodyear Blimb's view during a sporting event of some kind of Sydney and was like, "Woe! That's a HUGE city! Why didn't I realize that before?!" TV. That's why. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to stop seeing other countries as they were on TV. Ya know, stop thinking that the dutch women actually walked around in wooden shoes and those funny white hats...or that Swedish women had those long blond braids and were named Inga! (I wasn't that bad!) What a bunch of crap TV can put in your head about places other than the US.

I guess that's why they say TV is evil.
i got soo pissed last night up at the local pub.In the morning had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then a pie for lunch, now back to the local and then to get some fish and chips on the way home.