Playing the Keyboard in concert

i think its really cool how he plays it with it tilted down, and i only saw him make one face at the crowd but it was funny lol, he rocks though.
asphyXy said:
I think he does it for show. At the show in New York, he gave Alexi a sip of his beer in the middle of a song while playing keys with the other hand.
I have a pic of him talking to Alexi and it looks like they're making out :D

Drinking beer while playing gutiar is great. the only good thing Pantera have ever done is play a solo while drinking a full beer :)

Also, at the NEMHF show he had one beat up little keyboard, but that was probably because of the logistical problems.
fivemagics77 said:
anybody know why janne has some of his keys black (not the ones that are supposed to be black, the keys that are normally white)

he might use them as labels to remind him which key changes his sounds
sometimes it's too hard to switch patches and sounds while performing, so you can preset them to individual keys
wtf... I never noticed that when i saw them last year, and i was like 2 feet in front of him.. hmm, the show is on the 18th over here, so I will play close attention to that.. I also play the synth and most of bodom's synth riffs can be done with one hand... but not all of course...