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kremator78 said:
Well if the Hoffmans were telling the truth Glen Benton is probabley hiding. I think they all basicaly are selling each other out. They are ALL messed up and need help, either a substance abuse center or a shrink. All of them have drug problems and all of them dont worship the devil, if Glen never did Eric told him to use it as a gimmick so therefor they are all fakes as far as satanism goes. Muscialy they are devious and kick ass. I will know just how much ass they kick on the 4th of June. New album is gonna be a vital remians type album i think. Anyways who knows, we shall all wait and see.

Most Satanists don't worship the devil. In fact, most Satanists don't "worship" anything, other than themselves. So, they may be fake in that they don't bow down to some Christian constructed cloven hoofed demon, but perhaps they live their life like La Vey or Aquino suggest.