Here's the scoop. I know many bands I work with have banners. I have one which I'd like to update. I'd like to have bands post their banner ideas here.. where we can send our banners to. Places and prices. I was even thinking would it be worthwhile to make a animated banner than has oak knoll and it's bands all on one banner? if there is enough space or have it rotate thru images? Does that make sense? Anyone know any graphic artists that can make it happen? It would make it easier for us to pay for this one banner on many sites versus us trying to get all these different version of banners up.

-Just my ideas.. I hope Eric joins - he's got alot of ideas for this.
Well I think for a street team we could easily establish one in the New England area.. and USA.. I'm not sure about the rest of the world. I had a form on my site and i'm making a new one to collect names. Anyone want to head up the street team project? :) I can send you the list of people that already signed up.
I hope to get Eric's ideas in here for a combination Oak Knoll/Black Harvest banner campaign. I need to get him the latest database of where I sent out promo copies of BH and we have to plan the banner campaigns.
Here is some price info for advertising: banner ad: 100,000 banner exposures = $500 ($5/1000) banner ad: 100,000 banner exposures = $400 ($4/1000)

Fixion Media Satellite ad: 1,000 clicks = $400 ($.40/click) banner ad: 1 month =$100 1 month =$50

Metal Faction Radio 3-month ad package:
Rotating banner & Two 30 second commercials = $22

I'm not sure how effective an all-in-one Oak Knoll banner ad would be...seems like too much information for something that people only take a glance at. Most people are interested in checking out bands, not labels. I don't think I've ever seen a banner ad featuring many different bands of a particular label. Idunno...let me know if I'm wrong.

If you want to combine your ad investment into many different bands, just make several different banners and allocate a percentage into each. For example, instead of spending $10 on one monster Oak Knoll banner ad, invest $2 on a BH ad, $2 on a Shroud ad, $2 on a Warblade ad, etc.

Jeremy, Let me know how much you want to invest total, and how much per band.
I think junior member is a tag based off how many posts you make. mind you i'm hosting my forums on so I don't control much.

I guess your right - most people don't look at LABEL banners.. is that true Bill? I guess we can tackle this as a couple separate band banners but it would be nice to have Oak Knoll on there somewhere.

With all the releases coming out I'm not sure I could dedicate $500 to banner advertising. But I think my budget (next month) can afford to put up to like $50 one or two weeks. Eric, What places would you like to hit up? Do you have a banner in mind? Can I see it?
Also, I have an excel listing of promotional addresses you sent me etc. I really really want to put it into a database - or for now I can pass it around in excel format. That way we can share it and you know whom i sent promos to. I actually am trying to put up a web version on a new site of mine.
I agree, any band banner ad should definitely say "Oak Knoll" somewhere.

I don't have a banner made yet, but I figure a typical album promo w/ album art background, Album title, Black harvest logo and Oak Knoll logo, and the text alternating between a review quote and "click here to listen" (linking to BH website).

Did you mean $50 to contribute to a Black Harvest ad, or split between other bands? Whatever you can put in, I'll match it. If you put in $50, we can together but $100 into 1-month long ad, or a smaller campaign at one of the bigger sites (like 20,000 exposures at We can try one way next month, and then a different way the next month, see what gets more hits or helps sales more.
let me know when you have the excel spreadsheet up on some the meantime, can you email it to me?
ok lets see the banners.. does WS wanna use the one I made? tweaked with the ok logo or info also? So how about week 1 or week 2 of Dec I can put in $50 to a banner ad. then like 2 weeks later or 1st or 2nd week of Jan I can do one for another band. Do any places take cds in trade?
I don't know if any places take CDs in trade...the places I looked up were more editorial, so they obviously wouldn't because they're not in the business of selling CDs. You can look into that yourself if you like.

So where do you wanna invest your first $50? You could put it into a Blabbermouth ad that will last probably just like a day or so, or put it into a month at Or, instead of a typical banner ad you could do this thing:

Fixion Media Satellite ad: 1,000 clicks = $400 ($.40/click)

which is pay per click (a click is if someone goes to the site or listens to a song). I don't konw how long that would last.

Let me know what you wanna try or if you wanna leave it up to me.
Jeremy, what about the printed mags? especially the ones that come with a compilation cds, i think this is maybe the best advertisement since the people reading them can actually hear the music... i don't know how much it costs though, but it's worth to check it out... and i guess you shouldn't aim only on over the web exposal (i think the people who actually buy cds prefer to buy and printed mags) at least i think so...