Dryados split with Nar Mattaru

ok! We are here!

I'm Roman, singer from DRYADOS.
We are playing extreme romantic music, you can check it on Oak Knoll FTP
I listened to arkona, very folky. Interesting, I do like it. They aren't as BM as you guys. It's possible to use them for the split but I was almost thinking a band abit more .. evil :) Not to say they can't be - I'd have to hear more songs from them. I don't even know if Spazmosity would be a good match (have you heard them ? www.spazmosity.com - kind of like Dissection)
Ya, I didn't think it would be a good fit. Not sure if it's raw but more like Dissection/speed/brutality. You guys are a different speed. They are more thrashy bm , you guys are dark bm. I like them both. Actually some splits with different bands do well.. I'm not sure though I want to have that much of a different style. What do you think William? Dan? everyone else?
It seems pretty clear that Ceremonial Castings fiercely independent..but maybe they'd be interested in doing a split. Maybe we should see if Deathgasm might have a band that would be interested in doing the split? And that way, we could split the costs too..