Dryados split with Nar Mattaru

Jeremy, on your site it is written NA MATTARU, and should be NAR MATTARU. YOU HAVE received the PHOTO?
nephillim might be on the spazmosity split..
i'll fix that spelling today sorry - i really try to copy and paste it when i can
maybe adina would like making this a 3 way split :) (with these great russian bm bands here)
Ya, I think I was just throwing out an idea.. but it sounds like you guys have plenty of material. Maybe a Spazmosity/Nephillim split and C! on another split or something...

how's the artwork coming along?
Hi ALL! I'm here :)

Ok, now I have conception for Nar Mattaru's part of split (because it was f...n' hard to invent something for their part of split with their title :) ).

I try to release it in next few days. Concerning to Dryados we have already finished cover, so I'll just change it a little (because it was used in self-released promo :) ).

Jeremy, what you think about booklet in the form of double page (I hope you understand my terrible explanation :))


It's like one long page but it folded in booklet (without staples).... (i can't explain it right :))