Recommend Me Some Underground Viking Metal

I was trying to find the Asmegin download at Napalm but coudlnt' find it and gave up, then as soon as I clicked on your link to Viking radio Asmegin came on. Haha. It's beautiful so far.
I have no idea as to what is happening with Mithotyn, but as for Falconer, Mathias Blad joined back ^__^ and they are going to be recording an album in the "folk influenced power metal" style.
I enjoy the first two unleashed albums but they're not 'viking metal'. Unleashed is simple oldschool death. Say the band might bring up something vikingish it does not matter because they go stupid about nor get into any detail showing they actually know any kind of real history.

The Longships Are Coming is suppose to be about some viking stuff but the band basically only says 'the longships are comming' for almost 5 minutes. How vague & stupid is that. Did you look into a social studies book for two minutes or something. Atleast put alittle more effort into writing lyrics.

For the most part unleashed has the dumbest singer & lyrics in the world, but the band does have some talent. I know little about vikings right now but I could do research all day writting better lyrics.