don't kill me, but I posted pieces of this already on another bb, so don't bemad, you buddies are still first place in my heart.

Warsawa - Budapest
Well, a friend of mine and myself, a few months back all of a sudden had the completely insane idea of doing this kind of adventurous holiday, namely going from Warsaw to Budapest by bike. In the end, it was amazing, we experienced the most unexpected situations and met the most hot and both mysterious people. I even met a real gay in Budapest. (further)

Anyway, after a little thing with Russian Mob on the train to Warsaw we finally made it to Warschau; where the sun was shining; I ave to say that was the last time it was like this for 2 weeks, cause due to some strange turns of fate and the unpredictability of Heaven, it SOAKED DOWN on us for TWO FUCKING WEEKS. Amazing. Thank God, it was still 25 degrees, so we didn’t have cold. Only wet. I ruined my camera, my diary, everything. The only thing I could save was Bruce Dickinson’s CHEMICAL WEDDING which was the greatest gift ever handed to me by woman’s hands. ehm, a Polish girl from Bruce bb gave it to me ;)

We went from Warsaw by bike through Kielce, where an old friend of my brother had a brewery. We drank milk like fuckers there and then we headed for Krakow, about 2 days drive. There I met this girl: in the middle of Krakow which is without any doubt one of Europe’s loveliest cities.

Then Zakopane in the south in the mountains:
We cycled about 80 kilometers a day, through Polands hilly countryland (great great great). At evenings we went to pubs, sometimes a disco (at least, if they had one) and other times, we just talked with the nice people (and once their gorgeous daughters) who invited us into their homes I must say that Polish people were very very friendly and helpful. But we needed a friendly attitude, because I live near the sea in Belgium, but still I’ve never seen as much water as that week in Poland. In the end, we regretted not following Gaba’s suggestion of tattooing “HELP” on our foreheads. I can speak 5 languages, but still could not use anything else but body language to communicate out there. It is all you need, though.

10 days after our departure, 11 days after having seen my mother, and a few hours after we finally crossed the Tatry Mountains (in yet another thunderstorm). We made it to Poprad, our first stop in the Slowak Republic. The day after, for 3 days, we entered GYPSY land. Unfortunately I was too anxious of Gypsy males, so I didn’t even think about sweet talking with Gypsy ladies. Undeliberate celibacy that was, for a few days. But Slowakja was not all that much lost from modern civilization. At a certain day, we got lost while looking for a nice camping spot and arrived finally at some lake near a village called Ruzina. All of a sudden, we saw a hell lot of young people and a sign saying ROCK RUZINA. We had a fucking rock festival on our hands: SLOWAKIAN ROCK !! It actually sucked, but at least, we had loads of fun.

Another week later, after almost dying on the hills in the insane tropical heat which had thriven the dark clouds, we made it to Budapest, where a lovely friend of mine was so nice to offer us a bed, which I hadn’t seen for 3 weeks. And finally as well, a cd-player which allowed me to hear the fatherlike voice of Brucey Brucey Brucey.That was the end. About that. The rest lives in my memory, but definitely the best holidays I ever made. 800 kilometers of adrenalin. Uw!!!! Better than sex! :loco:

The last day, I finally succeeded meeting up with ugly Ivan. He penetrated me completely. Sorry Tcall about that, but we had you in our thoughts. It still hurts Ivy. But it felt great :)

:D :deb:

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